Praise for St. John's Bar and Eatery


It must be a very ha
ppy hour.
Too bad the interior is a grey gulag of hard surfaces and hideous acoustics where you have to scream at the person sitting across from you to make yourself heard...typical of modern restaurant design.

St John=Siberia
I think Charles is making [sangria-assisted] sly references.

"ha" is a nod to Goldy's old blog, while "ppy" is clearly a shout-out to Press Photographer's Year, the photographic competition that will NEVER, EVER come knocking on Charles's door with anything resembling good news.
Also, the food is mediocre at best.
My pork belly slider was tough...

I miss Rosebud.
Oh no! The comments so far make me sad. I heard good things over the weekend and was excited to check the new place out but sounds like it'll feel even more like Rosebud's funeral. Darn.
My friends and I have been there multiple times and the food has been fantastic. A new place may have the occasional growing pains and off nights, but the I've had nothing but good experiences. I would say it's definitely worth a try or second try for that matter.
I've had four dishes there, three of which rocked my nads: the beet salad was both hearty and light, sweet and tangy; E. Pike Platter is every great taste piled up on a little snack tray; and the mini-burgers were the best hamburger I've ever had. The spaghetti didn't blow my mind, but if I could eat those other three for the rest of my life I would die a happy man.
to those who are still butt hurt about the rosebud closing, change happens, get over it. comments with that obvious bias against the newcomers don't hold any constructive value either way for st. johns. i have been there 3 times since my 1st visit a month ago because my first experience during dinner time was a good time on all levels. i love that the dishes reflect craft and care, as do the cocktails (speaking as one who rarely likes to complicate my whiskeys neat with secondary components)... it's sad that people are so attached to something that doesn't exist anymore that they can't open their eyes to something new. as far as i know, the food is cooked by st. john's chefs who built their kitchen after the rosebud closed, the decor is not obligated to mimic the spot's previous occupant, and in every other way except address history, it's not the freaking rosebud.
hopefully those who haven't made it in to st. john's yet understand the significance of seeing for yourself. i'd rather share my dining area with those who support and appreciate new community efforts, and good service thru people, food & drink anyway. you rosebud whiners may benefit from starting a grief and loss support group, however, and soon you'll learn the value of the objective approach in a city like this, and in time, maybe even learn how to 'just let go.'
@11 will you please let the rest of the Hill know that change happens so they can stop bitching about maybe loosing the Bauhaus.
Change is good but St. J's isn't. I really wanted and still want it to work out but by giving a dish a whitty name does not change the fact that it is bland and over structured. Less is more and remember to season throughout the cooking process and yes in this business Salt is your friend. Unless St. Johns wants to go the way of the Rosebud they should focus on quality and consistency and less on the creative monikers.
Agree with sugart... the news owners aren't marketing this place as Rosebud part II, so it's simply unfair to complain that it's not like the Rosebud. You miss the Rosebud - boohoo, go bitch to the people who drove it into the ground, not the local business owners making a go of a new spot. If you don't like the food or the environment, that's a fair criticism, but to say "wahh it's not the same" is just lame.