The Mysterious Vanishing Squirrels of Beacon Hill


And so Christopher gets one of his mandatory two SLOG posts a day. Dude, srsly?
Consider yourself blessed; I'd give anything to have all the rats with fancy tails disappear from our neighborhood.
They're all in rainier valley.
Dominic Holden
You know all those homeless people, camped out around town? Must be something in those cook pots, mustn't there?
Keep it real squirrels! Don't mind the haters... And if you guys need more, we have some hardy black ones up here in Calgary. Will consider interesting trades, no rats please.
They got tired of the lack of good broadband and moved to Seward Park. To my yard, specifically.
Hopefully something did wipe them out. Eastern gray squirrels are an invasive species which chew holes in roofs, destroy garden plants and even eat eggs and baby birds out of nests. They are nasty. (And as #4 noted, they are all in the Rainier Valley.)
Into my full length squirrel skin coat with cowl hood and extra-long train!
Screw gray squirrels. Go red squirrels
After you figure out what happened to the squirrels, how about finding out what happened to all the trees. Large areas of Beacon Hill don't have trees.

I suspect it has to do with jets dumping fuel en-route to Boeing Field and Seatac.
Squirrels dipped in Chocolate.

They taste good.

(actually, squirrel meat is not that tasty, in my personal experience, but I love the idea)
I got charged by one the other day. They're still around.
Locavores armed with old copies of the Joy of Cooking
They are busy pushing shopping carts to Green Lake.
Snap! @16
It's a conspiracy. Vote for Ron Paul.
@16, look at Will bringing back "Snap!". What's next, Will? "Yo mama!"? "Show me the money!"? "I'm Rick James, bitch!"? "You can't handle the truth!"? We know you have a special talent for BRINGING THE FUNNY.

@9 is right. Kill all the Eastern Grays and the world will be a better place.
i'm sorry for your loss. would the newly-arrived-in-my-backyard townsends mole, the largest mole in the world, help you carry on? i could capture him and bring him to beacon hill for you.
I read the title as : "The Mysterious Vampire Squirrels of Beacon Hill" and saw bloody fangs in the mouth of the squirrel pictured!

Increased density forced them to become Sounder commuters from Sumner.

I like the phrase "Squirrel Factory."
Paul Holmes got lonely and adopted them all?
It's not too early for them; they're all over my yard.

If Beacon Hill has figured out a way to genocide all the grey squirrels in the neighborhood, please find out what it is and share with the rest of us.

If you've discovered a way to capture moles, you're sitting on a gold mine. Even my small excitable dog has given up on those things.
I'm guessing it's because they've found the pickings easier in the CD - Squire Park certainly has seen no shortage of fuzzy-tailed rodents lately.
We got the same email at the Beacon Hill Blog, and I must say, I don't know what he is talking about, because the squirrels are showing up in my part of the neighborhood.

Weird thing is that probably lived here 10 years before I saw a squirrel. But we see them a lot now.
Rodent Rapture. All the good squirrels are in squirrel heaven. Where they will leave my bird feeder and my flower bulbs alone.
I was doing a Google search on the term "squirrels disappearing" and came upon your blog. I'm in Metrowest Boston and have been noticing the samething...NO SQUIRRELS this year. I love squirrels - yes, there are squirrel lovers out there - and I look for them, and I'm just not seeing them. At all. Maybe it means something, maybe it doesn't. The absence has been noticeable though and my hubby just commented on it as well.

People should not make light of this whether you like squirrels or not. We've had entire species devastated in recent years such as bees and bats. I'm wondering if something has happened to the squirrels. If the animal kingdom is being destroyed at lower levels, it's only a matter of time before it gets to mankind.
I live on lower Queenanne and Maron more condos are going up meaning less trees so if your squirrels unfortunately
I live in Santa Cruz CA and we have noticed the same thing happening. I live at the base of a huge wilderness area and we would have up to 10 squirrels a day visiting and then they just stopped coming. Its been a year now and still no squirrels. We have also been seeing new birds about. Little song birds that had never been here as long as I have been here.
I'm a resident in Northern Alaska and have had tons of them each year and not one this year.
Joan from Boston, you are so right. This is not a joke or something for the trolls to laugh about. This is the beginning of something serious and seems people above are too stupid to realize it. One day when SHTF they will wish they had one to eat when there is no food.
I feel sorry for all those dim minded sheeple who have such a lack of brain cells. They will be the first to die when the hunger begins. Billions of dead fish, seals, dolphins, birds, caribou,
whales, the list is so long. PEOPLE WAKE UP.