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It was midnight on the sea, the band was playin' "Nearer My God to Thee," fare thee well, Titanic, fare thee well.
Familyleaf? Pair? How many social networks do you motherfuckers need? As if 2-3 social networks wasn't already enough to spew your narcissistic ramblings. People are pathetic.
And then there's Slog.
The events in Egypt make me wonder about somebody not even there (that I know of) Ayman al-Zawahiri. Remember him? He's the Egyptian doctor/terrorist who partnered with bin Laden in his murderous rampages. His pals are in control of the parliment now.
Good one!
@3, my addled hindbrain added Donny Hathaway singing "that old compromising, enterprising, anything-but-tranquilizing, right-on Slog."
I was wondering about the poll of republicans who feel that Our activity's in the middle east are not going so good and "again" I had to realize that we have no Objectives and that we have been given all kinds of reasons why we are in the middle east from Al Quida to WMDs to Nuclear energy to yellow cake to Valerie Plame Wilson?

we were told we were going to oust Saddam?

what really disappointing me is that the winning of hearts and minds crap was done with the brilliant brains of some of our most ignorant politipiggys and a never ending pool of military yes men?

Did we succeed in making enemy's of the middle east?
"or" did our Government and all its glory go in and make no attempt to do anything but screw around and spend trillions doing so?

Im wondering who our Media sluts will blame for the "nothing good" that comes from our governments total failures in the middle east as they are just card board cut outs of American Propaganda and twisted beliefs and philosophy.
@6, my lizardbrain saw "Donny Hathaway" and the first words that emerged from the ooze were "Extension of a Man." Heh.
THE GLOBAL REPORT: Anti-Democracy Forces on the March

In Vietnam, three bloggers go on trial for remarks perceived to be critical of the State.

In China, the usual arrests of pro-democracy activists throughout the country.

In Uzbekistan, reports of the forced mass sterilization of women by the brutal extraction of their uteruses.

In Spain, continuing publicity of the decades-old program of the Catholic Church, with the collusion of the Spanish medical establishment, of baby theft from low-income and impoverished couples, falsely telling them their babies died from complications immediately after birth.

In Syria, perhaps a brief cessation of the mass slaughter of the civilian population by the Assad family, but will it last?

In America, President Obama, Vice President Joey bin Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton strongly support the anti-democracy forces in Honduras, Bahrain, Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere; while corporate fascists and republicans continue their national assault on workers’ rights, women’s rights and minority rights.

The Ultimate Bioweapon: During the Bush administration, a biologist from the University of Pennsylvania, co-authored a report to Bush and his administration warning of the possible future weaponization of the H5N1 virus, also known as the avian virus.

Later, during the Obama administration, funds from NIH and the CDC are directed, under the advice of that University of Pennsylvania biologist, to his former students at the University of Wisconsin and at a research institution in the Netherlands, for the successful weaponization of the avian flu virus – an event which would have normally required a number of iterations of mutations to have occurred naturally – but which may very well never have occurred at all!

By itself, they have created a formidable bioweapon, but during the same time frame, Craig Ventner created an alien bacterium which the human immune system has no defense against --- should this alien bacterium ever be conjoined with the weaponized H5N1 virus the ultimate doomsday bioweapon will have been fully realized.

The people of the world have cause for worry and concern: the anti-democracy forces are on the march!

[Future topic: The connection between the Franco-American Foundation, John Negroponte, Frank Wisner, Jr., and Nicolas Sarkozy’s rise to power.]
Can "Democracy" be a valid reason to place the America welcome mat on the door way of every place on earth?

Yankee go home? Please Leave? There were only poor illiterate people here when you came and now all we have is pissed off poor illiterate people like the in the ghettos of America?

Why couldn't we been invaded by the Swedish or Canada?

Poor illiterate people need healthcare and education and some fun?

They do not need poor illiterate people with high tech weaponry trying to force their politics and way of violent life on others?
I hate that the Taliban came up with "Spring Offensive" before I did. I want to use it for so many things starting with the seasonal emergence of couples strolling in Lululemon Athletica at my farmers market.

Isn't the only reason people are interested in the Titanic is because it's about a bunch of rich jerks that get drowned?
I almost said "don't be such an asshole, Bailo," but then I realized I might as well ask for Will in Seattle to write something intelligible.

Over 1,500 people died that night a hundred years ago. If that really means nothing to you, you're a fucking psychopath.
Actually many more of the rich people were allowed to get on the lifeboats, almost all of the steerage passengers on the Titanic were lost.
@12, the rich were largely was the poor souls in steerage that died.

BTW, remember when Brad Pit looked hot? What is it with the stringy hair and Jacki O glasses he's trying to pull off?