Saturday Morning News


City Light has a public art installation in the center house for the Next 50 that sounds like it should be very interesting. I haven't seen the real thing yet, but the pitch was very cool, and the artist has done some neat installations in other cities.

And, of course, with tomorrow being Earth Day, I will be at the center, doing my Happy Homemaker/Miss Municipal Ownership bit, ready to nod politely when people launch into Tesla conspiracy theories, or tell me long pointless stories about the time their uncle stuck his finger in a fuse box.
Speaking of Earth Day, google "solar panels do it yourself" and there's a plethora of kits to panel solutions that far less expensive than $20K when I checked into it a few years ago.
The Sesame Street Choice

On Sesame Street, happiness prevails and analytical thinking is always to be avoided.

Whose wife was behind Sesame Street? The same fellow who wants to end Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and has worked to offshore as many American jobs as possible over the past thirty years.

The Sesame Street choice: either the vile sleazoid and financial parasite, Romney of Wall Street, or the pseudo-nice guy and rightwinger, Obama of Wall Street.

The Sesame Street choice is zero choice ----- zero options!

Sesame Street, as it turns out, isn’t our street nor the street we wished we lived on, but Wall Street posing as “entertainment education.”

Today, mind-altering propaganda is spread forth through “entertainment education” --- when it’s good, you get the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show; but when it’s bad, when it’s really, really bad, you get NCIS (where they flipped reality, spinning it as “conspiracy theory”), FoxFiction, CNN, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, NPR and PBS.

The corporate media’s construction of reality ain’t reality and that’s a fact, Jack! ! !

[I’ll be writing in Bernie Sanders for president this upcoming election. Screw the Sesame Street choice!]
Over 9000?
And the Chicago White Sox's Humber just pitched the 21st perfect game in MLB history. IN SEATTLE. BOOSH.
Phoebe dear, solar has indeed gotten much less expensive! And if you since up for the state solar incentive, you can pay it back even quicker.

Just do be careful, and make sure you have your work permitted and i spected. After all, it's still electricity.
8, weren't all the Russell employees from Portland forced to move up to Seattle (and presumably live in the condos that Vulcan owns) a few years ago on the premise that they owned a building here. And now the building is sold for for 3x previous value...all the while much of downtown remains vacant.

I feel a little guilty about the vast amounts of Schadenfreude I derive from watching Gingrich's campaign crash and burn.