Vicious Anti-Christian Hate Speech Restored to YouTube Thanks to Efforts of Anti-Gay Hate Groups!


To paraphrase Bill Hicks...even if you were being anti-Christian, isn't it up to them to, you know...forgive you for it?
Pete is just sad that you haven't had a 3-way with him. :(
Dan, any chance any of those videos could go back up or get rehosted elsewhere? I'd like to see some of them.
"...perverse sexual practices ...obscene language..."

Even if I didn't live in my little social bubble, I'd still be confounded that people like this actually exist.

It's not just the difference in opinion or ideology I might have with Mr. LaBabera—but reading things he says, the way he processes the world—it's as if he's a child. People like him are obsessed with things that really shouldn't matter to another adult, and they're things they have no control over. So they're wiggling about, hoping SOMEONE will just come and cut the crust off they're bread for them. Also, probably gay.
4: 100% correct. With everything we have to deal with in this life, THIS is your obsession, Mr. LaBabera?
If i had never heard of Peter LaBarbera before, and had no idea who he was, this alone (his claims re this video) would be all the proof I needed that he was a hysterical, shrill, psychopathic liar and no one anyone should ever listen to about anything.
File quality issues? That looks great, as we all look better in a certain light, no?
Dan, if you're not in charge of your own Youtube channel (with the name "dansavage" it's certainly understandable for people to think that you are), I would suggest asking Hypomania to add a disclaimer or something that makes that clear. Preferably change the name as well to something less "official" sounding.
Another homely, kinda creepy-looking homophobe. Why do so many of these guys look like they should be driving an ice cream van with a padlock on the door?
Those poor Christians. They don't run EVERYTHING and EVERBODY, the poor dears. And if you resist their oppression and hateful beliefs, it's you who spreads hate. Well, hear this, you stink and so does your religion! I wouldn't be a Christian if you returned to torturing people AGAIN!!!!
What's the "Saliva Terrorist" reference that porno Pete is making?
Bearing false witness.
Peter likes to jump the gun.
@myself - they're/their. I know.
Any gay person who refuses to stand perfectly still while religious bigots punch 'em in the face has committed an anti-Christian hate crime.

I am SO stealing this line.
@11 - Dan was sick and licked a doorknob at Gary Bauer's campaign offices in Iowa back in 1999 or 2000 in an attempt to give the staffers the flu:…

12 years later and it's still one of the only talking points the Christianist Republicans have on him.

How could anybody - ANYBODY? - go this long without at least hearing about the great and wonderful Dan Savage? It would take a rock, right? Buried under 21 years of mud and sediment? Still, there are those who are new to this wise and wonderful voice...and that's when the shit hits the fan. With his new show and increased national exposure, the ones hidden under those embedded rocks are going to come after him as if he's this shocking, disreputable, new thing. I'm sure he's well-prepared for that, but again it reminds me of something Johnny Depp once let slip: America is a stupid country.

I might substitute the terms rigid and closed-minded for stupid - unless, of course, it's the same thing.
Well, couldn't the folks at Hypomania simply fix “How to Come Out to Your Evangelical Family" in post-production. I think that a halo effect would be kinda cool.
Well, I can see where the languate is "vulgar" (a few f-bombs get dropped), but it's far from "hateful." In fact, I think Dan has gone out of his way to be fair and to show that there are multiple points of view AND that even the worst of the homophobes is capable of redemption: even the man who breaks both his son's arms and throws him out of the house is given credit for his apology.
Peter wants you soooooo bad, Dan.
I'm really surprised that THESE videos are designated hate speech, considering some of the shit you've let slip in the past regarding Christians.

There's nothing hatey about these videos; they are remarkably even-handed. Even your "tell them, not me!" talking point that you usually hammer away at when dealing with NALT Christians sounds reasonable and well-thought-out when you describe it in person rather than in writing. (My problem with it was always: A Christian is not responsible for the political actions of all other Christians any more than a gay man is responsible for the political actions of all other gays. But I get your point now: if a NALT is going to complain about the misattribution of Christianity to fanaticism, he should complain to the architects of said misattribution, not to you.)

Face it, Dan: You've said some questionable shit about xtians in the past. (Disclaimer: I am not Christian, culturally OR spiritually.) But you usually remember to qualify it, and my hunch is that while you might get a little verbally sloppy, at heart you understand.

In other news: WHY is "freedom of religion" so frequently taken to mean "freedom from being criticized openly for how one has applied one's religious beliefs"??
This pisses me off...
@4: Word.

If I want to convey that I find a sex act unappealing and would never engage in it (say, furries) then I definitely don't spend a lot of time concocting elaborate scenarios about furry sex, and then tweet them or publish them on the internet. Because then I would be thinking about it.

(I'm not the only one who knows about stuff being visible when you publish it on the internet or tweet it, right? This is a thing nowadays?)
This post rekindled my platonic Dan crush that has been dull for a couple of years.
Does Dan ever stop talking about Dan?
This reminds me that I have not yet caught any "Savage U". I'm gonna rectify that right away.
Dan please talk about Dan more.

*Tired of "Tired of The savage narcissist".
Hey Dan, can you please tell those fools at Hypomania that no one gives a shit about whether the lighting is good in these videos?! We just want to hear what you have to say. Duh.
"There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death." Yes, Dan, the Bible has some sobering words. Jesus said that there is a judge for the one who does not accept his words...the very words he spoke will be his judge on that last day.

Man is meant to live for about 78 years and then experience physical death. At the point that the last breath leaves the body, there is no longer any means to undue what was done in this life. Your fate is sealed for eternity. That is why the choices you make while in this body are so important. The thief on the cross next to Jesus put his faith in him at the last moment...he was saved by the they say. The other criminal on the other side of Christ mocked him right up to his death. Those two men entered eternity in two very different places. One joined Jesus in Paradise, the other went to Hades...the holding area for those bound for Hell. All of us will stand before Christ one day and give an account for what we did in this life. Our judgement will be just. While we have the gift of God's grace available in this life, there will be no recourse if you wait until the next. No one is without sin. That is why all of us must humble ourselves, confess our sin and call upon the name of Jesus as our Savior. Otherwise, we will end up like the criminal who was unrepentant even as he face certain death. None of us knows when our day to die will come...but the fact will--whether today, tomorrow or 50 years from now. We will all die...and then the judgement. People have the freedom to ignore God's Word...but they will still be judged by it. Tread carefully in what you do and say.
@29, so you post in two columns. Did you think none of us had heard that threat from God?

I'm sorry, you don't stand a chance against Slog anymore than I would trying to talk down a Christian blog.
wait, there are more videos out there that i can't watch because the lighting is a bit off?? Bring them back!!

also, there really should be a little disclaimer on the youtube/fb page