Mayor McGinn Warns of Violence at Next Week's May Day Celebrations



Right..."May Day" -- who would have thought that an event in celebration of communist revolutions would have brought such behavior. Go figure. Hey, Mr. Ginn, next time keep it limited to Valentines Day and Thanksgiving, ok.
Its "Bring a flipcam to work" day. So document as many idiots, then post to YouTube and email the link to the SPD.
Meh, May Day is soooo bourgeoisie. I prefer to indulge in a little anarchy on Arbor day thank you very much.

The signs are all over in the Central District. Walk up Jackson or Yesler and you'll see a dozen. I haven't noticed any call to violence though, just a call to skip work.
when was the last time Seattle had a good old fashioned riot? I think its about time
"May 1 2012 is the new WTO 1999" is one I've seen a few times. I don't know if that's a call to violence, per se, but it doesn't sound good.

I sincerely hope the mayor et al are just exercising an overabundance of caution here.
Just because 10% unemployment is looking like a chronic condition, poverty is growing at an astronomical rate, and the wealthy are consuming an ever growing portion of our common resources is no reason to get ANGRY. Amirite?
P.S. Slog commenters unite in saying no to righteous anger! Vote Romney!
If the riot police show up, there will be a riot.
According to the police, the provocative graffiti left by undercover police around town in recent weeks may mean that May Day will be violent this year. This of course will justify any actual violence committed by police officers on May Day to prevent any alleged violence by protestors.
I've seen some cryptic graffiti regarding May Day in PDX the last two weeks as well.
I'm sure the feds will look the other way while the SPD violate the 99 percent of peaceful protesters Rights.

Or not.

Be careful out there, once you go violent, it's hard to undo.
That reminds me, time to buy options in pepper spray supply firms, the SPD will probably use metric tons of that stuff as they overreact.
WTO was a police-incited "riot". If the cops behave themselves, so will 99% of the protestors.
I bet SPD will come dressed for a riot. This is where the violence will come from (as usual).
SPD will do there best to insight it and the protestors will get gassed, beaten and jailed.
This is NOT a new story.
Same cop shit, different protest.
Members of the SPD have done some terrible things.
Gassing & beating you fucktards will not be one of them.
Holy fuck am I tired of seeing the word "stakeholders" in press releases.
I saw some crude graffiti downtown today promising violence on May Day. I think it's all bluff. I mean it got cold out and OW-Seattle disappeared for the winter.

Modern day protesters don't have the balls they had a couple of generations ago let alone the balls they had at the turn of the last century.
@14 "WTO was a police-incited "riot". If the cops behave themselves, so will 99% of the protestors. "

Actually it was the national guard, but they only showed up after the police were outnumbered and overwhelmed. Police lived in the area (King County), but the national guard came from all areas of Western Washington, they didnt care about pepper spraying anything that moved.
@19: You obviously didn't witness the events of WTO firsthand.
Ooooh are you guys starting to celebrate 1st of May again (like the rest of the western world)? Great, I mean we celebrate it on that day because of what happened in the US.

But I never got why your all so nervous around demonstrations? I mean every time I read the comments on anything about demo's here there is a large majority of people who thinks that the mayday bombs are about to happen again or something.

That's a pretty weird, passive-aggressively threatening way to be bigoted, JensR.
@16 "fucktards"
So eloquently put, you fascist troglodyte.
These are McGinn's constituents. Hell, he'll probably be there with them, holding a molotov cocktail.
Mike McGinn started to be a good mayor, killing the fucking tunnel. The Joni Balter told him that she didn't fuck liberals any more, so he turned into a fascist. The police love him.