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Why were Santorum and Lohan at the WHCD?
Ick. Poor Lindsay Lohan. :(

NPR (Weekend Edition) just did a piece on it. The reporter didn't address THAT specifically, but seemed to suggest that it was just chock full of political & Hollywood "insiders" and I guess Santorum & Lohan both qualify in their respective circles. She also said it was a very surreal experience in general.
Notice how Obama doesn't actually make a joke, but refers to other people making jokes.

Then he probably paused to let the sycophants laugh at the thing which was not a joke.
@1, I was wondering the same thing.
As @4 says, Hollywood and political insiders have connections and get invitations. Has been the case for years. Newt and Callista were there as well. I trust there were plenty of petite filets and chocolate truffle mous… for everyone.
I want Franken to be giving this speech from 2017 to 2024.
What about if family decides that they're going to join in on the campaigning? Are the off-limits then?

I'm looking at you, Ann Romney.

Meet the Urban Datasexual

The same cultural zeitgeist that gave us the metrosexual - the urban male obsessive about grooming and personal appearance - is also creating its digital equivalent: the datasexual. The datasexual looks a lot like you and me, but what’s different is their preoccupation with personal data. They are relentlessly digital, they obsessively record everything about their personal lives, and they think that data is sexy. In fact, the bigger the data, the sexier it becomes. Their lives - from a data perspective, at least - are perfectly groomed.…
I wonder if people identify with corporations, particularly those that are locally owned, as they do with sports teams, so that they cheer for every break they get. The more money the corporation makes - the more "wins" it has - the better they feel, to the point where they're opposed to taxing them for the good of the public.
Speaking of the LA riots, this was a fascinating piece:…

I didn't know until today that two other people were in the car with King and cooperated with police. Also, didn't know the video was longer and edited. I was unaware the officers DID try other more pacific means prior to using the batons to subdue King. This was apparently filmed too which the jury saw.
@12: That article is "fascinating" only for its myopia.
I thought Jimmy Kimmel had the comedic timing of someone auctioning off tractors at a family farm bankruptcy sale.
Some of the jokes might have been funny if somebody else was delivery them.
The Apple story (I didn't read the link, but I already know it's about Ireland and The Cayman Islands) is why Romney's 15% corporate tax plan isn't the worst thing in the world, as long as those loopholes are closed up. The average effective corporate tax rate is only 13.7% right now anyway, so 15 % would actually be a raising of that tax, from the corporations' points of view.
Lark, this is Slog. All cops are evil and have horns growing out of their heads. You clearly didn't get the memo. Shape up.
Speaking of Dachau...I visited there when I was Let's Going to Europe after college. Most of the structures had been torn down, so much of it was concrete slabs, laid out in grids, much like large headstones in a cemetery, appropriately.

In the morning I had gone to the Deutsches Museum in Munich ( ), a kind of science and technology exploratorium. There were plenty of exhibits in windows where you could press a green button to say make a steam engine go. I remember it was big, round, study industrial size button about an inch in diameter. Click and go.

When I was at Dachau they took us to some of the remaining of the crematoriums. Also stark, concrete. Not much to see except a room, a large door to the entrance of the oven. Over by the control panel, my eye caught side of something. It was one of those big buttons...the ones at the museum that made the steam engines go.

I realized now how they could do it. They made it simple for the operators. A single push button to control the furnace. Press...and go.
@ 14 He was hilarious

You know what you guys need?

A good mashup.

How about this, Goodfellas ... and 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Think it would never happen?

Think again:…

@16 & @19: Perhaps you should read up on a bit on Chief Daryl Gates and the state of the LAPD in the early-90s. Here's a good starter piece.
My dad roomed with Stacey Koon, one of the officers who beat Rodney King, in Sheridan Oregon. Apparently he wasn't treated very nicely by the other "campers".
@16 normally, that isn't the viewpoint.

Most SLOG posts are about when the cops specifically violate Citizens' Constitutional Rights, and sometimes immigrant rights.
I did know that. I believe 5280 (from Denver & a retired cop?) was pulling my leg. Hence:) Thanks.