Rob McKenna Is Not Pro-Choice (Unless You Mean the Choice of Pharmacists, Insurers, and Employers)


Scary. Rob McKenna is many things and scary is definitely at the top of the list.
He's pro-torturing poor women and forcing back alley abortions. What a dickhead.
Here you confuse Roe v. Wade, a status quo edict that has been in effect and validated over 40 some years with some scheme you libs cooked up last year and want to sanctify as "Passed Law".

It is the same 3 card monte that the Global Warmists use (well, you believe in Gravity right...and AGW is

Or like in Star Trek when Spock tries to give weight to something by saying it is "similar to your Lincoln, Roosevelt, or Kurak of Rigel 15" !!

Sorry, Charlie, but maybe you can rush feeble minded Leftists here, but not by anyone with a 3 digit reading comprehension score.
Yeah, shut up Goldy, you don't know what you're talking about Roe V Wade vs blah blah blah blah I sound fucking crazy blah blah blah can't make a point.

Now you should listen to me dum dum liberals, sounds like I'm typing out what having a stroke feels like.

Waste lots of space and throw really odd pop culture reference.

End by not saying anything coherent! Someone maybe hacked my account years ago and turned me into an idiot! But rest assured I'm smarter than you.
@3, Do you really have to afflict us with your continual nonsense? If we wanted to hear what you heard on Fox and the like we could do it all by ourselves. You don't need to regurgitate that tripe for us.

Just so you can't say you didn't know: anthropogenic climate change theory is science that is supported by 97% of climate experts (…). Whether it suits your political agenda is entirely irrelevant to the science.
Rob McKenna is very scary, mostly because he's been able to hide his true self from the general public for so long. Anti-woman and anti-choice, he's an arrogant yet effeminate-looking asshole who sees his (potential) constituents as not worth his time unless they are rich and white. I haven't quite figured out yet if his hatred for public education is because of the unions or because so many public school teachers are women. Perhaps it is a mix of both. He'd fit in well in Utah or Arizona, and wouldn't have to hide his true nature. I know there are a couple of sheriff openings in AZ, no qualifications needed other than being a conservative asshole..... though a deep and abiding love of guns and hatred of anyone non-white would be helpful there.
You're brilliant!
Thanks for the article which needs to get a wider audience for people to wake up and see McKenna for what he is,just another right wing labor and woman hater ready to give the top 1% whatever they want. McKenna hides under his past image of moderate which he lost years ago. Case in point: against the wishes of WA state, he spent tax payer money to fight Obamacare in order to get recognized nationally as one of them to get the big $ from Rove and the Koch brothers who are his masters. If you want to see how he will govern, look at WI with the lowest job growth, Indiana, Ohio, Florida......the master plan is there waiting for WA to join them in the race to the bottom.
This guy has integrity! Something dems just don't understand....
Abortion is murder! Killing an innocent baby is cruel, evil, and sinful. Who stands with babies? Who stands for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, certainly not anyone who is pro-murder!