Big Money Pledged for Charter Schools Initiative


So I guess the three times WA charter school intiatives were voted down before didn't mean anything?
We'll house them in boarded up liquor stores.

Not when someone sees the possibility of making a profit from it, no it doesn't. And make no mistake, that's what this (or in fact, ANY scheme to privatize public services) is all about.
@3 Oh yes - I'm very much aware that the rich folks hiding behind the guise of "Ed reform" groups only want to line their pockets and spread the wealth and power with their buddies (and their legislative towel-bearers) meanwhile ridding themselves of the "evil teacher unions" and getting their kids away from the lower class riff-raff without having to spend money on private school.
Stand has lots of money to throw at this so I have NO doubt it will go to the ballot.

It's a gamble though. Crowded ballot, voters already voted THREE times on this issue and it's here again? and, well, the fact that charters are only better than traditional public schools 17% of the time. Those aren't great odds to fundamentally change our school system including takeovers of existing public schools.

Think very carefully about this before you sign anything - it's not a pilot, it's a law.

For more information, I wrote a 6-part informational series (completely objective) about charters because we have never had them in our state at

I believe with - part the pun - proper education, Washington state voters will again say no.
"So I guess the three times WA charter school intiatives were voted down before didn't mean anything?"

So I guess the three times income tax intiatives were voted down before didn't mean anything?
Even Bill Gates acknowledges charters won't help very many students.

With much more public awareness around the country of the drawbacks and flaws and failures of charters - they open the door to privatization, they have high teacher turnover, they undermine even successful public schools and alienate parents, they don't actually do any better than public schools - this thing should go down in flames.
@5, "well, the fact that charters are only better than traditional public schools 17% of the time"

You should add that Charter schools are only better when they discriminate against low income populations. Public schools in middle class neighborhoods do at least as well as charter schools.

Example from Mayor Booker's Newark School District:

"Shue-Medill Middle school, the feeder school for many of the NCS [Newark Charter School] middle school students is close to 60% low income; NCS is 15% low income. Shue has 11% Special Education students, NCS 5.8%. Shue has 5.5% ELL, NCS 2.5%. Shue has 30% African American students, NCS 11%.

NHS (already at 45% low income) will likely reach the same levels of low-income students as Shue- Medill should NCS open a high school."…
In Utah urban areas, charters let the Mo's get their precious little darlings away from those horrible brown-skinned kids who are probably also Gentiles, guilty of dragging the test scores down and contaminating the purity of their faithful angels' fantasy world, as preached by the bishop.
Yet another example showing why our initiative process should be scrapped. My suggestion - go online and read old obituaries. Write down a few names. look through an old phone book and find the last known address of the deceased. Sign multiple petitions with the dead peoples info. Fuck these fucking privatizers.
It's a shame that they won't be relying on volunteer signature gatherers. Then I could volunteer, collect a ton of signatures, and throw them out.
The headline says it all: Big Money Pledged for Charter School Initiative.

Big Money indeed. It's all about the Money. The potential to make $$$$$$$$. Don't be fooled by the "nonprofit" status of the charter organizations. The salaries, tax gimmicks, real estate deals, etc etc. in other states are all about making a buck on the backs of the public dollar. It's gross. Say no.
Charter schools? How corny. What is this, 1988?
It's not surprising: public education is the last big pot of taxpayer money that doesn't already have corporate snouts sucking it up. Of course they want it.
@3,4 I'd actually argue that it is worse than that, because there are some number of true believers mixed in with opportunists, in some cases housed in the same entities, and that confuses some portion of otherwise quite discerning section of the voting public.

These true believers remind me a lot of Rachel Maddow's coverage of Michigan's Emergency Managers, in that the argument seems to be that schools are broken, and the solution is to get rid of democratic process, to remove the people from decision making, and to disenfranchise the population.

If these are reasonable choices for our students, parents and community, there should be no reason we can't do these things inside our public school framework.
@10, Did you notice how your comment promoting undemocratic tactics was immediately followed by that of an unregistered user doubling down to suggest that we use thuggery typical of the GOP?
41 states already have charter schools, and some of them are getting phenomenal results--especially for traditionally underserved students. The initiative includes strict accountability measures, and tracks school performance.

Why should Washington kids be denied options that are available in most other states?
@17- "41 states already have charter schools, and some of them are getting phenomenal results..."

No, they're not. They are manipulating statistics to look good, but no charter program has ever proved itself better than a public school system. The only things they do consistently is lower the pay of teachers and generate more administrative overhead.

Additionally, if innovation is what you want, then it can be done inside the public system. Seattle has several alternative curriculum schools.
There's a reason why the NAACP opposes charters. The cream off the minority community and leave the majority of kids of color in underfunding schools. And undercut unions at the same time. Bonus!