Diamonds Made from Dead People


Charles Mudede: presenting news from 2001.
"the diamond is not the person". Really? Are you sure Charles?

I actually really love this.
This gives me hope that transporters will work as something other than plot-streamlining devices.
Seriously, Charles? Do you really not get the human desire to stay connected to lost loved ones? Your commentary was uneccesary and borderline cruel. I hope Ms. Wu never stumbles across this in a google search. You should be ashamed.
(/snark) But this bit seems important:
...A quarter-carat diamond retails for about $3000, Fong said. A two-carat diamond, the biggest that Algordanza makes, costs about $37,000.

This price range makes remembrance diamonds competitive with the cost of Hong Kong burials, which range from $2,000 to more than $200,000 depending on the choice of coffin, according to the city's Food and Environmental Hygiene Department...
I just hope that the price eventually drops enough that I can afford to have the cremains of my two beloved cats, Ulysses and Jezebel, fused into funky jewelry to wear on my leather top hat.
We are like soap bubbles-here one second, gone the next. But diamonds are forever.
That was the most poorly written thing I have ever read. You could probably make kittens suck
An urn of ashes isn't a person either. Neither is a tombstone that marks the spot where a dead body is buried. Both things can represent the memory of the deceased though. Ditto with the diamond. Not saying I'd spring for one of these diamonds, but I don't find this that difficult to understand.
Graphite is the softest form of carbon, diamond is the hardest. Fun with science!
@9: Actually, diamonds aren't remotely forever. They form at very high pressures and temperatures, but here on the surface, graphite is the thermodynamically favored form of carbon. However, the transition is kinetically limited. So basically, every diamond you see is slowly, oh so slowly, turning into graphite.
Makes more sense than tying up a piece of land for all time with your stupid dead body and headstone. Cremation is a little sad because if you didn't get a Wikipedia page, you're going to be lost to history in 1000 years for sure. At least with the diamond your life resulted in an object of permanent value.
Humans will always seek immortality and will never attain it.
I'd like to have diamonds made from loved ones. It sounds rather romantic to me (don't sexualize that, I mean romantic as in poetic).
I just lost my mother, and I am having some of her ashes made into a pendant. Not a diamond as described in the post, but something else. I think it's a beautiful idea.

@TheMax, @8, there are many options for your cats and/or your people. Look online.
Really? Is a 2-kt diamond possible? How much elemental carbon is there in those cremains?
My husband FINALLY went to Jared's.
Of course, this post is about Chuckie name-dropping authors again.

"Remember me? I Chuckie! I that one Zimbabwean who learn to read! My daddy so proud! (Until he die.)
@19 Winner.