Noel Frame Wins Sole Endorsement of Another Giant Union


"Totes adorbes?" What fucking language is that?
@1) You're right. I changed it.
@ Dominic: I think it would be interesting to find out which consultants have consistently gotten particular endorsements for their candidates. In the case of Sinderman, his tentacles stretch all over Seattle, andI can't help but wonder why Brett and Noel are dividing the labor community. We know that these paid professionals work behind the scenes for their candidates, and I think it would be interesting to see where their efforts are spent.
I would hardly call a $5,000 difference between Phillips and Tarleton's fundraising a "far and away" difference.

Plus totals don't tell the real story. Sloggers want to know: Who is giving this cash and who is beholden to whom? (Who? Whom, yes, whom.)
@4) True, but behind them is Frame, who's raised about $16,000 less than Tarleton, with $50,239 reported, and several candidates are further behind her. So Tarleton is clearly in the lead of fundraising and has been, almost without exception, since the start.
I think Frame beats your pretty, rich daddy’s boy at every turn. I bet even Lady Gaga, NPH and the Glee Cast would endorse Frame and you’d still be head over heals for mister I-haz-mai-daddies-monies-and-so-teh-kyootz-so-iz-clearly-teh-bestest. Homo fail. Im going to the straight side of the force until November is over.
I'd point undecided 36th District voters to this candidates' forum on transportation and the environment. Word is, Frame didn't seem all that engaged on these issues, but I'm just hearing that second-hand; watch for yourself.