Sharon Needles's Race War


bitch fell fast.
i.went to see her at neumos, ducked out to meet a freind at pike's fish and chips, and 10 minutes later 'needles' did her shtick and left the building.then i heard she used the fn word in reference to a friend of mine. like called him that. to his face. up til then i thought 'nedles' was a drug reference. i guess it's needles as in gettin on my damn nerves.
shoulda went to see latrice instead.
The trannies are revolting!
making money from race-based controversy is dispicable. Needles claims that his repeated use of the n-word and appearances in black-face are part of an effort on his part defuse the word of its negative power. The same goes for swastikas and the confederate flag. One wonders how a white person on non-jewish origin could believe it was within their purview to launch such a campaign in the first place. He is clearly in it for the controversy and publicity.
I still love Sharon but the event over Pride was a total bummer. The promotion for the event had her as a headliner. She came out, sang one song, vented for a while and then left the stage. I'm glad it was a benefit but what a joke.