What Do You Think About Mic Check Wall Street Throwing $5,000 Out a Window?


You should have included "since when can you open hotel room windows?!??" to that poll.
It's not a splinter group, it's a subsidiary. If Occupy Seattle is Slog, Mic Check is Line Out.
I think about the scene in Batman (1989 version) where the Joker tosses out millions to the grasping masses.

That is all.
Somebody had some Trust Fund cash to spare or........Black Budget?
Option 3.

To a corporate lawyer this is one hour's pay for looting the public.
Where's the option for "how'd they raise this much money?" The Occupy movements I've worked with can't even afford a banner made out of an old bedsheet.
Gasp, we fundraised all the money.

Almost 40 donors.


Did anyone watch the video? THOSE BILLS WERE MARKED. I thought it was a head-scratcher and a waste of money until I saw what was written on the bills. Let's hope they stay out of the hands of banks, because they will be shredded. I want to do this with all my one dollar bills now.
@7 That's actually very impressive. I wasn't kidding when I said that Occupy Ann Arbor had trouble affording banner making materials.
for those of you who missed it there will be a repeat from the same building 5pm today.
Occupy is out of cash but will obligingly piss off the building.
Not sure how effective they were at introducing us to MicCheckWallStreet when all you media types insist upon calling them Occupy.
And everybody who claims that they would have put that money to better use probably would have used it for something boring and trite, like drinking. *yawn* You types are so boring.
Let me expand on my original post....

A large percentage of Americans didn't even know that the Affordable Care Act was upheld by the Supreme Court. These folks fer sure don't know what Citizen's United is.

By stamping what they did on the bills, and having the bills circulate through the population, awareness may be raised. Maybe someone will google it. Be curious about a headline.

Much better than "where's George?"....
If you want to mark your own bills with the same message MicCheckWallSt has a handy-dandy template on their website. http://miccheckwallst.org/wp-content/upl… As a lifelong activist and organizer, when I consider the vast amounts of money that I've spent on flyers that just get thrown away, the value that each of these dollars gave back is huge. And about raising this kind of money, when you put the effort into community and media outreach and do something more interesting than rallies and petitions, people want to get involved.
If someone can name me a more effective, positive piece of PR that costs $5,000 or less to pull off, I'd pay $50,000 for it, at least.

This was brilliant, but I love that Occupy is "just so last year" that people are dissing it now.