Meanwhile in Mexico


The worst thing is that, in this internet age, absolutely no one on earth believes that Peña Nieto won this election fairly, and absolutely no one on earth has any illusions about his tiny, tiny brain. So, at a time when Mexico desperately needs qualified, professional leadership, they get a handsome buffoon (who may or may not have beat his wife to death, by the way).

An excellent book on the new Mexican character and the challenges that country faces in the coming years -- challenges which are mostly nothing to do with drug cartels, but with continuing to grow economically and find a place in the developed world and raise up several million more people out of poverty -- is "Mañana Forever? by Jorge G. Castañeda. Castañeda must be shellshocked by this bozo's "victory", which is a slap in the face to every one of his analyses.
Dude - I sent you all this information two weeks ago, you never get back to me, and now you're posting about it?
Also, the most "perverse and illegal maneouver" was allying with narcos in the border states to threaten to burn down people's houses in municipalities that didn't vote PRI.