Torta Throwdown: A Stranger Investigation


alas, all of these are more expensive than what they should be, some more than double. and none of them have the bun right. i don't think we should call these tortas.
What @1 said. Rancho Bravo is the closest in terms of price and what it looks like, but the others are just expensive sandwiches, not tortas.
I would get on the 49, walk down to Aqua Verde and get the El Presidente and enjoy all the beautiful porkiness. It could be called the El Patron...

Or I'd hitch a ride to Paseo in Fremont..

Basically I wouldn't be trying to eat a torta while in Cap Hill. I'd go beans N rice Y'all!
I always get a burrito.
next time, I'm getting a motherfucking torta!
If it's called a torta, it's got to be on a torta roll. Barriga Llena gets it right. Everything else is a really good sandwich with Mexican type fillings.
What @5 said. Plus they make their own delicious chorizo.
@5 - authentic Mexican tortas can be made with telera, which is a softer bread like that of Rancho Bravo, or crustier bread like birote which the other two appear to have.
Barriga Llena is the shit! Nothing on the Hill comes close, I am sad to say.
None of that lettuce is authentic, authentic lettuce is purple.
Go for the rice and bean bowl at rancho bravo. Cheap and delicious!

@3 It's the El Patron and yes, it is a fucking pork orgasm in your mouth. I think it costs 8.50ish and it's messy, but sooo sooo worth it.
Go to Vuelve a la Vida in Tacoma at about 56th and Pacific Ave. Totally ghetto joint, but incredible food. Awesome Tortas.
It is fucking ridiculous to not have included tacos chukis in this battle.
It is fucking ridiculous that you've have omitted tacos chukis in this battle.
It is ridiculous that you've omitted tacos chuki's excellent torta from this battle.
Antojitos Teresita 23311 Pac Hiway South. Damm good Tortas even better than Bariga Llena. Get a sliced mango in a cup with chile and lime to complete a great meal. Even better than the torta is the Costillas con Nopales.
Rancho Bravo is the 4th worst Mexican restaurant in the world. It's like prison food, too much cilantro and the worst marinated meats ever. It's nasty! White folks love it though. They pack that dirty joint all the time. The Tortas at Barriga Llena are chilango style tortas, quite good and spicy.