Republican Candidate's Dead Girlfriend Voted for Years From the Beyond Grave


The GOP still hasn't gotten over Cook County in 1960. They really should at some point
Absentee ballot? So you mean the voter ID laws to cause people going to the polls, versus vote by mail, to produce ID will do nothing to deal with this kind of flagrant and prolific fraud being done by Republicans with dead girlfriends? Shocking.
Great. Now we have to worry about Republican zombies.
Honestly I don't know why this is considered good. The whole point of the voter fraud laws is that there is no evidence of anyone fraudulently misusing the system.

Now, they can just shame this guy out and hold him up as an example of voter fraud and why we actually need this Jim Crow-esque bullshit.

Not good.
Arizona, Arizona, Arizona.
@4 and by "Not good" you mean "Excellent, it's all coming to plan!"
Shorter republican stance, "Do as I say, not as I do".
Who better to fight against voter fraud then the party that is the most knowledgeable in how to pull-off voter fraud?
Is Arizona ever in the news for something good?
If you can explain to me what ID requirements at the polling place have to do with absentee ballots you will have a point.
Clearly, this is the work of ACORN!
Exactly Warren. This MAY be the fault of the Arizona registrar who did not cross-check the absentee ballot list with the death register. My question is whether Mr. Enright had to request an absentee ballot each year for his zombie girlfriend, or whether it was sent to him each year due to bureaucratic oversight. In the first case, it's out and out fraud, in the second, he took advantage (fraudulently) of the registrar's error.
@10 because many people (dead people) still won't need ID to vote. It's what's known as a "loophole."

It's known for a fact that voter ID requirements will disenfranchise voters, and there's no proof that the fraud is greater than the disenfranchisement.

So voter ID laws presume guilt while also not actually reducing fraud, as this instance of dead people voting shows.
They remind me of the guys who are always accusing their girlfriends of cheating because they, themselves, are cheaters.
You must remember....EVERYTHING the the repubs accuse the dems of doing, they are, in fact, doing themselves.
You must remember.......EVERYTHING the repubs accuse the dems of doing, they are, in fact, doing themselves.