New Mitt Romney Ad Accuses Obama of War on Religion, Says Obama Doesn't Share Our Values


Wow, and the entirety of the positive side is from his trip to freakin' Poland, what was that, last week? Seems like a bit of a reach.

"Obama: Birth control! Bad! Romney: Poland! Good!" He must really think the Catholics are just going to rise up and make this election.
Well he doesn't! I mean conservatives hate gays.

As you can see in this "hacked" construction sign from super-conservative Provo, Utah. God Hates Gays…
psst, Catholics in the midwest and east: MORMONS ARE CRAZY.
Thought I remembered this (from the Wikipedia article):
In 2011 Wałęsa wrote an article claiming that only communism is a viable temporary solution for the poor African countries in 21st century.
Didn't John McCrash go on about Poland in 2008? Also about going to war with Russia to defend Georgia, but didn't he keep saying, "What about Poland?" in a debate?
And Romney's ad even had to label Lech Walesa because none of his voters would recognize him.

Vote Romney because some guy in Poland you probably cannot recognize did things that you probably don't remember 40 years ago.

And those things he did?
They're things that Romney opposes now.
it's also a silly ad because the underlying message the republicans are going for here (that denying women essential services is acceptable because... Jesus;
but yet somehow it is religion that's under attack!!) is so blatantly absurd at it's core.
@6: You might be thinking of W in 2004, when John Kerry listed the "Coalition of the Willing" who were fighting with the U.S. in Iraq. W responded: "Well actually, you forgot Poland."…
"Man, if it was me campaigning against Obama in 2008 instead of McCain, THIS is what I would have done."--Rmoney

"...but it's not 2008, sir."--freakishly aware Romney adviser.

"Sure it is. I've got money!"--Rmoney

Why do we as a country keep accepting that religious institutions have faith? And that laws can go against said faith? Only people have beliefs and dreams and HIV. Institutions dont have those things.
Am I the only one who thinks this won't fly with the base. I mean we all know that St. Reagan single-handedly brought down communism, right?
How soon Romney forgets that his "religion" once pitched the book of Mormon as the truth and the Bible as false. It was when they wanted to become more mainstream that they started labeling it as a companion to the bible and had the commercials where you could get both if you called their toll-free number.
And the mainstream BS continued with those ads that said "I'm a deep-sea diver/attorney/motorcycle racer/physician/architect/whatever and I'm a Mormon." Ads conveniently timed to coincide with the start of Romney's campaign.