But What Is a Son of Boss?


Time to dust off Nixon's "I'm not a crook" Republican mantra.
No fair picking on him for this. If he had known he would one day be running for president he probably wouldn't have approved it.
What a fucker.
I have recently decided that Mitt Romney is my favorite presidential candidate in probably ever. It's because of him that we are beginning to learn, in detail, just how wretched and damaging to the economy these sorts of tax practices can be.

I hope enough light is shed on it that we can begin to close some of the more massive loopholes.
The Republicans are going to nominate a person who himself is the best argument against their own economic policies. He's not just going to lose, he might single handedly destroy the credibility of his party's core ethics.
Wow. Rmoney's like a rotten onion. You just keep peeling away stinking layer after stinking layer... from putting the dog on top of the car to shipping hundreds of thousands of jobs overseas to undermining the entire corporate tax structure of this country...

Is there anything the Rmoney-bot can't fuck up? And the Repugs seriously want this guy as leader of the free world????????


"Fuck up" in this case is a relative term. If you were a Marriott shareholder back in the mid '90's, you probably would have been dancing little jigs of joy over something like this.
The article doesn't actually explain what "Son of Boss" was, but THIS does.

Meanwhile, I can help but note how much that article reads like a prosecutor's bill of indictment. Damn, Mitt. Hope you've got that Costa Rican passport ready.
I worked for a Mormon owned and operated company for many years. Nice people ect. ect. What was consistently disturbing to me was the ingrained culture of dishonesty. It permeates everything they do. deception is the default answer to everything and bending the truth is a core value. The company was eventually run into the ground due to a combination of only hiring Mormons (thank the heavens for my specialized skill set) and dishonest accounting practices. Mitt romney reminds me of every executive and manager from that company.

We were purchased by an Iranian family. They were the cheapest penny-pinching folks ever but they didn't lie about everything and didn't expect me to lie on their behalf.
Danny's favorite HomoRetailer continues its plunge....

JC Penney 2Q earnings disaster
The Associated PressNEW YORK (AP) —

"J.C. Penney Co. offered up grisly details Friday of a terrible second quarter.

The midpriced department store chain reported a bigger-than-expected loss and plummeting sales. Shoppers are still not buying into a bold new gay-friendly advertising strategy. Penney even withdrew its full-year profit guidance.

After the report, Moody's Investors Services downgraded Penney's rating deeper into junk-bond terrain.

The bleak performance marked the second-straight quarter of severe sales declines since Penney featured two homosexual men in a Fathers' Day advertisement. The report confirmed it's going to be a hard sell to shoppers who are used to traditional marriage."

please give specifics, you lying bitch whore
@8: I checked that out earlier. Within the past couple of hours someone has removed this insertion from earlier today:
The Obama campaign recently attacked Mitt Romney for his supposed role in this scheme. However, it has been proven by fact checkers to be completely false and not true.
NPOV issue, perhaps?
@11: Ahahahahahahahaha!!