Council Will Vote on Yesler Terrace Package on September 4


Reporting like this is what makes the Stranger so invaluable. Unfortunately it also reinforces the fact that Seattle does not have a decent daily paper (aside from Slog).
What happened with the amendment that called for allowing only 20 (or was it 20%) of the low income housing units to be built on the East side of Boren? Did it pass?
@2: Yeah! Did anything happen with that?

But thanks, Cienna! This is so, so valuable. Posted a summary/link on, which I'm attempting to revitalize.
From the Land Use Code amendment and rezone ordinance document on the City's website:…

"d. Location. Affordable housing must be located within the Yesler Terrace redevelopment area. No more than 140 of the replacement units shall be located east of Boren Avenue. A minimum of 50 replacement units shall be located in at least five of the eight blocks west of Boren Avenue. When provided within a development permitted under a single master use permit that includes dwelling units other than affordable housing, the affordable housing shall generally be distributed throughout the development."
"Megalithic Project"?

@1, always look on the bright side of life.
@gloomy. That is right only if you have never seen the gloomy side of life. I appretiated the city countil effort, but i am dissappointed with this passage that did not address the economic impact of this project on tanents, and the failure to bring a third party to oversee the tenant relocation process. As expected SHA got what they wanted. Sad day indeed!