Hang in There, Little Guy!



Are you talking about the derelict with a shiv sleeping in the dumpster on the right?
Eh, the vac is broken anyway; basically, just a somewhat more aesthetically positioned piece of refuse to go along with the rest...
FYI: The old poster read, "Hang in there, baby."
The congregation has gathered for the Sermon of Sucking.
"When life sucks, suck harder"
I have that same model of vacuum. Over time I've replaced the belt (3-4 times), brush roller, switch, and cord, and installed a retrofit top-fill bag kit. Total cost maybe $75. Go!

(Or you can go spend $450 at Costco on a Dyson Transformer Whatsis plastic molding technology tour-de-force. Good luck finding parts in 20 years, or in 5.)
Sermon on the Curb. "Blessed are the small, dry things, for they shall be vacuumed easily. Blessed are those things within a reasonable distance of an outlet, for theirs is the kingdom of accessibility."
@6, mom had a Hoover like that, fine and dandy, until one day she got seduced by a Kirby salesman. Motherfucking 90-pound multi-attachment behemoth that roared like a lion. I delighted in the chrome and used to polish it. I polished the goddam vacuum. And I wondered why nobody in my famly even feigned surpise when I came out.
I want to see the, "Hang in There, Little Buddy" poster. That sounds like a line from BJ and the Bear.
@8, "I polished the vacuum" -- is that some kind of filthy euphemism? Given me the vapors, it has.
@8, as a toddler I insisted my mother purchase me a two-foot-long, anatomically correct plastic bull in lieu of a doll. I vividly remember sitting on that bull and watching teevee for hours, or lying on the floor and stroking its shiny pink balls.

There's no real point to this story. My mom hated vacuuming. TGIF!
"Polishing the vacuum" was something the drill sergeant warned the recruits about in Starship Troopers.
gross, and half that shit is recylable. you're not making me miss capitol hill.
@10, let me disenvapor you. 11-year-old me on a sunny afternoon perfect for playing outside, sitting cross legged on the kitchen linoleum surrounded by vacuum cleaner bits, Barry Manilow's live double album playing on the hi-fi so I could sing along while memorizing his every inflection (especially tricky, his medley of commercial jingles), a Windex-spritzed old t-shirt wrapped around my index finger so I could bring out the gleam in every crevice of the Kirby Classic III. Even now, mentioning the Kirby makes me want to run out and buy one online somewhere: http://www.vacuumland.org/cgi-bin/TD/TD-…
@8, I may not be gay after all, various hoovering episodes notwithstanding.

And your mom! Blessings on her poor gray head, how could she be expected to withstand such tactics as these?!

@15, holy fuck that is a grim link! And I didn't know they cost so much - my mom must've been in one of her manic-throw-money-at-everyone moods. Surprised she didn't buy one for day and another for evening.
This is a real-life scene from The Brave Little Toaster! You saw The Brave Little Toaster when you were a kid, didn't you?
That's the kind of vacuum I use! They're wonderful - great suction and relatively quiet.

Whatever that vacuum's problem is, it can probably be fixed.
@6 you can buy a similar vac for $49 on sale at Macy's if you wait for one of their sales.
@11, where in the heck did she find one?
Oh, Catalina, I surely thought something like this would be more your style! But, can a girl ever truly have it all?
@21, this is pretty cool. Originally conceived by the late industrial designer Henry Dreyfuss, it floats on a cushion of air! A hover-vac!
Rob!, I have - in addition to my wonderful Hoover upright - TWO Hoover Constellations: One new, as in your link, and one old. (I prefer the old, and have loaned the new one out to a dear neighbor who has hit some hard times)

I use the Constellation for hard surfaces, upholstery, and the stairs between the upper and lower levels of Chez Vel-DuRay
The perfect companion to your Frigidaire Flair!