Chicago Young Republicans Need You So, So Bad


I really hope you are right, Paul. Enough of these things already!
I watched just to see if I recognize any of these douches so I can avoid them in the future.
A call to arms for the children of privilege limited in skills and thinking jobs and careers should just fall in their laps.
Alright, I hate to admit it, but as much as I disagree with their positions I can't stop myself from finding this whole production utterly adorable.
Could someone tell the gal in the weight belt to get off the phone and eat some of that leftover pizza? Thanks.
Why the Bush hats? Doesn't Rmoney have his own hat?
I'm sorry...but seriously? The Bush hat?
at 1:29 a guy is handed a BUSH hat which he puts on.....I don't think they even like there candidate
I only made through a little over a minute. I couldn't go any further.
As usual, it's a way better parody than any actual parody could be. The sense of entitlement is deafening.
Adorable, yes.
What the hell was going on with that one guy's hair?
I couldn't help but notice the extreme whiteness.
I believe some of them already arrived at crazy.
Canned beer?
Obama's in my way; ominous?
Other than not Obama, what is there to support in Romney?
Shouldn't they have finished his book before phone banking for Mitt?
They need _you_ so bad.
Shouldn't this be recut with Steve Kardynal?
Note: the hat is Bush/Quayle
Being a Young Republican in Chicago must feel like you're trying to bail out a submarine with a bucket while it's still submerged. Keep trying guys! You'll make it someday (or you'll finally land that position in daddy's firm and forget the whole thing).
wow. in the opening 10 lines, they get 5 different things incorrect. so not only are they dumb (republicans) but they're also retarded. oh, and the entitlement dripping from this shit is pretty pathetic for people who believe in fucking over the downtrodden and 'bootstrappin'
ITT: Stranger readers bitch about entitlement.

There is more to being hip than being ironic, and TBH being a anti-Obama in Chicago is kinda edgy.
@5: Body snarking skinny women is still body snarking a woman.

The takeaway for me is that young Republicans drink shitty beer. Also: none of that pizza looked vegetarian. Imagine that!
@15 Their actual lyrics: "we deserve to win." Their reasons:

I can't think a of a better illustration of entitlement.

Being anti-Obama by itself isn't edgy. There are good reasons and bad reasons and ridiculous reasons and honest-but-insane reasons to oppose Obama, but even opposing Obama "in Chicago" just to be contrary makes someone about as edgy as Slate.
@9 - Me too.
Smart man holding the mask over his face in video. He's just there for that psycho repub pussy.
Speaking of covers:
My 10 year old's reaction: "That was physically painful to watch. What's wrong with those people?" Followed by: "She needs a cheeseburger. Or 4. Like, right NOW!"
Why couldn't have chosen an Am'rkin song? Those canucks are pretty much card carrying socialists.

Also not a lot of diversity in the CYRs crowd which is well nigh impossible in Chicago. It is almost like it some sort of up-tight whites only club.
If there are any unsolved serial killings in the Chicago area, police should check members of this group.
Lincoln Park Trixies and Chads. Uggh. Little tiny posters and free Romney books as props. This is really pathetic. I hope all their Jettas get tickets from our privatized meter police.