Unbalanced Budgeting: New Report Says Initiative 1185 Would Slash Jobs and Hinder Economic Recovery


Thanks for bringing this up. I don't know how I-1185 is polling, but I'd have to think most voters wouldn't support it if they knew how it would alter their lives.
Shame even Inslee rejects your wet dream income tax. And how come the "99%" is only the 34% on election day?

Btw weren't you claiming we'd be Somalia by now with all these "cuts" (ie. slower growth in state spending). And how are u going to fill the $1 billion hole in Seattle's excessive retirement benefit plans?

Keep dreaming ladies. The good people of Washington roundly reject your income tax proposals.
"Thanks for bringing this up. I don't know how I-1185 is polling, but I'd have to think most voters wouldn't support it if they knew how it would alter their lives."

That's what the loony left said the last three times. This state apparently likes Dems but only with their balls in a vice.
Btw why hasn't Seattle turned into Mogadishu on the Sound after 4 years of so-called "cuts"? Haven't seen a Technical in sight unless you count Somali soccer moms weaving in Landcruisers down MLK at 45 mph without using turn signals.
@1 Was polling at 56% last month. But won't have a real clue till after the conventions and real polling, and campaigning starts.
A two thirds majority requirement actually creates a veto for the remaining 1/3.

That is antithetical to democratic governance.

I totally agree, but that first graph is a data-vis diaster.

The small circle is much too small for the data given. They're using area to display the difference of the two amounts, but they used the length of the diameter of the circles as the proportion of the difference. Since area is proportional to radius squared, the circles are too much different in size.

I agree with your point, but whoever made these charts need to read some Tufte.

It should look like this:
The line chart appears misleading. The drop in the brown line appears equivalent to the rise of the blue line, but in fact the increase in private sector jobs outstrips the loss of public sector jobs nearly 4-to-1 in numerical terms. In addition, it looks like the dip in private sector jobs was never that big.

I'm no fan of the super-majority rule, but this chart seems to argue for smaller government, not against it and appears to give the pro 1185 camp grounds to shout "distortion!"

Also, Washington state is in a catch-22, because higher taxes means more regressive taxes, so increased public revenue are actually both populist and anti-populist at the same time. Eyman wins, public's screwed no matter which side wins on this initiative.

Or am I missing something on both scores?
@8, I think it's because the chart is showing the percentage change in each sector. Since the private sector is bigger than the public sector a ~3% gain is about 4 times bigger than a ~3% loss in the public sector.
Yes, but even if 1185 wasn't on the table, any tax increase would probably be thrown out via iniaitive (soda tax) anyway...
What is the sense in comparing private sector growth with public sector growth? The two are not peers. The pubic sector is essentially an enclosed and surrounded island within the private sector.

The private sector generates growth through free enterprise and generates tax revenue, the more growth the more generated revenue.

The public sector spends the revenue by the private sector. It should grow no more than, or less than, the growth required to service the needs of the people, defend our shores, and protect our health and environment. Granted, I acknowledge that Republicans forget how expensive it is to run a society.

If the public sector grows outside needs of these parameters, it risks creating an artificial economy based on inflated currency, unfunded liabilities, and inevitably broken promises to the American people.
"A two thirds majority requirement actually creates a veto for the remaining 1/3. "

Yet 2/3 of the great state of Washington vote for that system. Why do you hate democracy?
The private sector jobs created are certainly not equal to the public sector jobs lost. It would be interesting to break down the jobs in the private sector between living wage and minimum wage jobs.

And Gay Dude, for fuck sake, please provide the evidence that public sector WORK protecting you, educating you, maintaining the roads you use to drive to work, and infrastructure to make sure it all happens safely has some how been lavish. Keep it to Washington State too.
stranger want to talk about this?

Ambassador Crocker arrested for hit and run, DUI in Spokane


minority-imposed austerity.

Only a discombobulated liberal would consider job gain of 48,000 with most of those jobs coming from profit making enterprises at the expense of tax payer funded agencies!!

@11: I hate to dignify you by responding...but, fuck that's stupid even for you.

Ever hear of multiplier (effect)? Govt spending has the potential to create many private sector jobs.
Does anyone know for certain (by anyone I mean an attorney, not the conservative trolls above) whether if the State Supreme Court decides that a two-thirds majority is unconstitutional, that won't have to be litigated each and every time an initiative is filed? In other words, will that stop Eyman's 2/3s initiative-filing for good?
Given the reality that MOST eligible voters can not be bothered with doing so, and hence 24% make the vote that effects the remaining 76%, I say 2thirds is just about right as it's a better voting average than the common citizen can be bothered with. MY POINT: if the common man can not be bothered enough to get involved, they live with the results of their non-involvement.

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@7 - Nice catch. I can't believe people still think they can get away with that.
I also want to point out that the Fig. 2 uses a percentage scale and has 2 different figures tracked and plotted using their own percentages, instead of using the actual number of jobs for each. If it were re-plotted using actual jobs, the decline in public sector would only appear to be about 1/3 the relative increase of private sector. I can see that percentages are sometimes useful, but I think it's not helpful in this case.