DJ Ira Glass vs DJ Dan Savage: Round Two!


YES! I never made it into the first one because the line was so long and was probably sold out by the time I made it to the door!
Will the nerds outnumber the gays? Gays outnumber the nerds? That's funny, did you write that Dan? As to answering the questions, I think it depends on how much black dick gets sucked.
can't fade that flyer, dj dantucket comes correct.
Thanks for letting us know! I got a ticket but we'll see if I go. I'm shy, but disco showtunes, who can resist?
THIS is what you miss when you live near Los Angeles instead of Seattle (:
@5: that goes double for flyover country! Oh well, here's hoping Dan will post the mp3, as he did last time, for those of us who'll have to miss it. Long live Trouble Dicso!
Are people over 30 allowed?
It was definitely mostly nerds last time. We're the ones who bought tickets ahead of time and showed up early.

(Also, it was great fun!)

Can we collapse that spectrum by asking how many gay nerds there will be?
did somebody just say something about sucking black dick ?
@6, "SavAss" is what I labeled that recording when I downloaded it! I listen to it about once a month while I'm busy doing chores or laundry.
You guys paid for every song, right?
So is it at All Pilgrims or Showbox at the Market? My best guest is that there are two events this ticket gets you into, but the flyer doesn't mention an afterparty...

IRA GLASS AFTER PARTY with Dan Savage! at All Pilgrims (General Admission)
Saturday, 9/8 at 10pm
Showbox at the Market
Lol no.
Hey Dan and Ira. We are living in the future. Why is this not being live-streamed on the internet for those of us unlucky slobs who don't live in Seattle but still want to party with you?

Al Gore invented the internet purely so we could all party real-time across the globe. Make it happen! Please dammit.
I am sadly too far away to come. I will be a nerd in absentia.
PLEASE tell me you and Ira will record another podcast!
Why does Ira Glass pretend to be straight! Btw, hipster's don't look up to nerd Ira Glass. Get real, he played Miley and Britney music at Re-bar.