Catholic Bishop's Anti-Gay Campaigning May Violate WA Election Law


Bishop Tyson's policy is to never comment while his mouth is full of altar boy.
I'm expecting an onslaught of "religious freedom" cries any moment now.
Wouldn't that go against their 501c3 status as well?
Oh Christ, here come the cries of persecution. Ah-bluh-bluh, you're infringing on my inalienable human right to make life a living hell for a minority group that I dislike. Aren't the REAL bigots the ones who hate me for hating the gays?
it would almost be worth it to go and put a slip of paper in the envelopes that says "fuck you, bigots."
Careful how much you stir the pot... Remember, we have a number of faith communities standing up for equality in Washington as well.

Let's not fuel hateful messages by trying to "silence them" as they'll scream and proclaim a "war on religion" or some other such nonsense.

Stand up and support progressive faith communities, give them money, call them up and thank them for speaking out. If you're religious, ask your faith community or the one you grew up in to take a stand. Join our phone banks around the state to make calls to other people of faith on this issue. In other words, take meaningful action.
It's almost as if the KKKathaholic Church thinks it's above the law!
#7 Amen to that. The church I go to is encouraging donations to Washington United and we're handing out materials, but we're very careful not to cross over the line. Lots of people of faith are on our side on this issue. Let's not forget that they can be extremely effective voices to those undecided voters in the middle.
@7 and 9) I've written lots about the progressive laity, but it's very important--if you ask me--to hold publicly accountable the conservative, politicized Catholic hierarchy that coordinates fundraising drives and campaigning in the name of congregations that, frankly, don't agree with them. That's especially true if it appears the bishops are planning activities that violate election law.
How are churches still tax exempt?
I have listened to and watched Tyson. I have listened carefully to teenagers talking about Tyson after taking a class from him.
I have seen many repressed queens who, among other personality traits, will do anything to promote their personal career.

Accordingly, I hold the belief that Tyson is a queen and hell bent on self promotion.
Vatican "here I come" !!!!
At my church, we are about to put up a sign that says "Support marriage equality, APPROVE Referendum 74".