Two Republicans Do Something Racist Enough to Get Them Bounced from the Republican Convention


My dad canvassed door to door for Obama in '08 and he's a 75 year old white man. I take after him by being an oddball. I'll probably vote Republican, but really I can live with it either way.
"This is a party of older white men."

That's now a disadvantage despite all of the founding fathers being older white men. I don't know if that's sad, ironic or encouraging. Probably all three.
They are people terrified that they're no longer America's future.
I can't imagine why more Latinos aren't down with the Republicans' "we'd prefer if you all left the country" platform.
Shocked that women aren't embrassing the entire "If it's a real rape your body can shut it all down" platform. I mean Jeb Bush was just saying this weekend the GOP only has a marketing problem.
@1, I can't have it either way. I know why my family is able to afford health insurance.
I like to play "find the black person" when Republicans give speeches or hold their convention precisely because it's so difficult that I remember when I do spot one. During Ryan's big speech as the new VP candidate, the only African American was this guy strategically placed right behind Ryan. Other than that, whenever the camera panned across the crowd - all white people. Every single one. Watching Ann and Chris Christie's speeches last night - not one non-white person, other than Condie Rice. (And she did look ticked off. I don't know why.) I missed Artur Davis's speech, so I guess that means I missed seeing the other black person at the convention. The Republican Party really is the white people club.
@1 I'd like to ask you personally to not vote for the Republicans this year. If you delve beneath the rhetoric, they're really not offering anything to address our economic or structural problems. In fact, if they implement the policies they've actually detailed, they'll make things worse. The main effect of them winning the election would be an elevation of social conservative issues, such as banning abortion, re-marginalizing gays, criminalizing porn, putting Church before State, and paradoxically for a movement that credits Christianity for all that's good, shredding the social safety net of the poor, disabled and displaced. If you believe in that stuff, okay, vote for them, but otherwise, please don't.

Some old-line "Movement Conservatives," Andrew Sullivan being a prime example, are now pointing to Obama and saying he's more of what they think of as a conservative than what the Republicans have become (a radical, economically-irresponsible, theocratic, war-mongering, socially-meddling party). Having people like Sullivan supporting Obama confirms the worst fears of liberals, that Obama never lived up to their ideals, and that he is, in fact, a fairly Establishment, right-leaning moderate.

As a liberal Democrat, I have to vote for Obama, because the only alternative the Republicans offer is my idea of a chaotic hell on earth. All I'm asking you to do is make sure that you really want that before you pass up the opportunity to vote for someone who probably aligns with your ideals much better than the party who traditionally bears that label.
Meghan McCain on MSNBC said she though Anntionette's speech was a home run and was sure that everyone, whether D or R, was inspired by it.

McCain also said her dad will be giving a "red meat" speech tonight. She said she loves Chris Christie and indicated she was disappointed that Christie's keynote wasn't tough enough and that the Old Man will do what she wish Christie had done. So expect the Zell Miller version of McCain tonight.
The teetotaler's drinking game: Drink every time you see a minority person at the Republican convention.

(Stolen from LOLGOP.)
@7--It's actually not that hard to find the black person at a GOP event. Draw a line from the TV camera over the speaker's shoulder and you'll run right into him/her.
The RNC sounds just like Seattle!

@7 & 10 - I play those games in this town every day!
It seems to me the 'old white men' (I am one) and old white women want to drag the country into the coffin with them. My generation was the sex revolution, women's libber, hell no I won't go, look kindly on your brother generation. Right before the boomers. What happened to the old folks? I am not one of them nor are a lot of people my age and older. But there's enough of them to radically alter what we think of as 'our' country. They bring with them to the funeral a lot of like-minded youth. I mean it's alright to read Ayn Rand when you are young and idealistic. I did. But some where the reality has to set in that a dog eat dog civilization is no civilization at all. I think we are beginning to resemble our declared enemies more than any of our allies.

If the self-styled 'conservatives' gain power, there won't be armageddon, but our infrastructure will slip towards central and south america, middle east, Pakistan and India type of decay and our landscape will be filled with the unwanted and useless offspring that the social system didn't provide for when they were youth. There will be an increasing police state to protect the "have's" toys from the have not's. At some juncture of this depraved scenario, the meaningless and emptiness of the "have's" lives will lead them to a new fanatical revelation, Jesus the Killer, perhaps, and then the conflagration will begin.
How's that for Seattle grey weather writing?
@1 -- what Brooklyn Reader said @8. And the same goes out to anybody I know who might be planning to vote for a Republican this election.
the shocking part is how they manipulate the press images to make it appear otherwise.
I LOVE IT when idiot racists show their true colors... (see what I did there? :-)

Just please, please, please.. keep it up! Keep doing fun stuff like this ALL THROUGH THE CONVENTION... so that more Americans get the chance to see these people for what they really are... vile, filthy, pea-brained, fear-filled racist scumbags..
Also, @ 13 - Gonesouth, that was very eloquent. You are absolutely right.

Here's a zoomable panaramic photo of the convention crowd during the Chris Christie speech. Count the non-white people!