Death Threats!


Well, this is delightfully creepy. Whatever happened to ''do unto others'' and ''judge not lest ye be judged''?

These kinds of hate-christians make me sick.
You have a "situation." Congrats.
bleating @ 1.
Ew, what a gross toad in his basement.
this is clearly on par with your disgusting video of your "debate" with the NOM guy, you know the one where you spiked his food, raped him with those crucifixes and posted it on-line...
what was it again:…
yeah, that was it...

wow, you really know haw to rub the crazy's the wrong way being all civil ands nice and all...
wow ... that was creepy
Damn it! Now this has more views than all of his other videos combines.
We have officially fed the troll.
@8 err, combined.
Using a linear extrapolation between the 2025 and 2050 projections in Table 4, my remaining days are numbered at 12,818.

Subtracting the difference between our birthdays, if Wikipedia has Dan's birthday right, he's got 12,739 days.
This is such a compliment! You should be proud! They're actually going out of their way to make a video about you! This is like a star or some sort of military decoration for your shirt. How many gay rights activists have had a video made for them? This means you're really being effective, in some way.
so, where was the death threat?

please, one of you fanboys pull your head out of Danny's ass long enough to tell.....
message of danger +all caps and multiple exclamation points +tender, melancholy music = brain confused.

Cognitive dissonance, anyone?
How could Wikipedia not have Dan's age right?
It's gone. What did it say?
Video removed! Good thing the person who posted it was willing to stand by their words.
@ 15 (& others, surely),

Click on the 'Good As You' link. The guy who blogs there has a copy of it embedded on his site.
It is so fucking shameful that with all the advances in neuroscience in the last 40 years there are still idiots out there who believe that such nonsensical stuff as souls exist.
the guy put it back up:…

"This channel is dedicated to the issue of Homosexuality as not merely sin but as extra-ordinary sin!!"
It's still up on his YouTube channel behind the "the person who made this video" link.
#17: thanks.

And really, it wasn't a death threat. Actually the message is extremely confusing.

"Dan Savage much repent or perish in his sins" suggests that if he doesn't repent he's going to hell. Ok so far. But then "Should he be diagnosed with AIDS or experience God's justice, the end is truly in sight for Dan Savage." So, if he acquires a disease that typically progresses and ultimately kills people, or if (presumably) God smites him, he will probably die. Seems redundant.

He then goes on to say he hopes Dan sees the terrible (vaguely defined) danger he's in, and then adds a prayer that God will open Dan's eyes because he doesn't want anyone to perish.

So it's basically a generalized threat typical of religious proselytizers: do what I say is right or else you'll suffer supernatural consequences. To which the proper response is a big fat meh.
I saw this video before it was removed. I agree that it seemed like a veiled death threat, which is dangerous and not good. Dan, you need to talk with your staff about not making the same mistake.

In which Cienna proposes "After all, Brewer is destined to die, eventually. And wouldn't it be better for the entire state of Arizona (the women-loving part, especially) if it happened sooner rather than later?"…

In which Goldy suggests assassinating conservative justices…
Shit was dumb and poorly written. I want my 45 seconds back; they would be better spent looking at PORNOGRAPHIC MATERIAL
That's gotta be a parody. It's too silly.
This isn't *technically* a death threat. It just says that if Dan's life is cut short, it would be by "God's justice." So it's more like...a gentle encouragement to other crazy people out there who might be inspired to carry out "God's justice."

OH. OK yeah, it's kind of a death threat.
have you sent your thank you note to seattleblues?
What comes to my mind is that the person who made this video has a mad crush on Dan and no mature way to express it.
I could be way off base...
what a sanctimonious reptile (no offense to reptiles but they have little by way of brains).
It seems to me that this guy spends an awful lot of time thinking about homosexuality for someone who isn't gay.
Death threats from Christians. In other words, The Christian Taliban.

Keep it up douchebags and you'll all be shipped off where you belong
I think we have to take this somewhat seriously as this is pretty much the same language that was expressed to Dr George Tiller, the abortion provider, who was gunned down in his church.…

This is very common language that the exremist Xtians use to try and justify their extremist, sometimes murderous, beliefs. It calls down God's wrath at the same time allowing some distance; if the recipient of this language somehow ends up deceased they can go on to claim it was all part of God's plan. Stupid and disgusting.
Weird that the video IS still watchable, even on the dude's youtube page, provided you click through to it via Dan's link. Once there, you'll notice it's currently got 18 dislikes and how many likes? Anyone wanna take a guess!?!

Allright -- I'm not much for drama. The magic number is 0.
A god bother made a video. He's likely convinced that he loves you. It wouldn't occur to him that his concern has as much compassion as a starving shark. It sounded like fervent mumbling for the next life while advocating/voting to keep you as a second class citizen by law in this life.

So, I'll just leave you with an "I'll be thinking of you", Dan. Best wishes on the manuscript and may you have all the Cashew Brittles you need. Two per 1000 words?!
"Dan Savage's days are numbered"?
"Dan Savage... might be saved"?
"...all should come to the knowledge of the truth"?

Clearly what this is saying is that Dan has done something very wrong and he's about to get caught.

Personally, I suspect that he's about to come under some heavy scrutiny for those convoluted tax returns that conceal the $235,000,000 accrued from his interest in Bain Capital. It's about time!
Dan, quit fucking around on the internet and go write your manuscript. This is obviously an attempt at procrastination.
Video maker must be a congregant of Our Lady of Perpetual Exclamation. Nearly every sentence had at least one exclamation point. He was super excited about telling Dan he's gonna go to hell!
@1 is right. There's no actual death threat in this thing. The desire that everyone see the truth and get right with God is a good thing. This video-maker's mistake is in thinking that his own views and wishes are God's.

Isn't that what people on this thread want for hate-mongerers like this guy? Not that they'll die horribly but that they'll learn the error of their ways and live the rest of their lives as good people?

@36 Oh heck yes.
Jesus, this is a whole shit-load of crazy.

Dan, I second the motion that you take this seriously. These assholes are losing and they are getting desperate. You may not care if someone shoots you with a rifle in church [a la Dr. Tillerman], but we do.

Anyway, if your days are numbered, so are the bigots. I, personally can't wait for them to crawl into their holes.
@31 May I steal Xtian? I love it. It's the perfect shorthand for "person who claims to be Christian but expresses only self-righteousness and hate for his/her neighbor." Nice and nihilistic.
For those who don't see the veiled threat in this video, keep in mind that "God's Justice" is always meted out by humans, like then they shoot abortion doctors or attack trans or gay people.
@ 39

Xtian is an old term. The β€œX” at the beginning is actually the appearance of the Greek letter β€œchi” which was traditionally pronounced β€œch” and to early Christians was a representative of the name of Christ. The use of it can be found as far back as 1021 CE (Anglo-Saxon Chronicals), and appeared in the Oxford English Dictionary in 1485 CE. The "X" is also used in Xmas since about 1551 CE. Of course many modern Christians don't know the history or the Greek letter "chi" and thus are offended. To them it is disrespectful shorthand.
@39 @41: Even earlier than the 11th century! See for example the carpet page, representing the opening of the Gospel of Matthew, from the c.8th century Lindisfarne Gospels:… - you can clearly see the "Xpi", which represents the word "Christi" - opening the Gospel. I *think* it was mostly an Irish Christian thing around that time, and I'm not sure where they got it from (although the early Irish church was heavily influenced by the Greeks, as opposed to the early English church which was more heavily influence by the Romans), but it did make the move to England and as Kim in Portland illustrates was picked up and entered our language at some point in there. (Sorry - nerd)

Lovely. I assumed that "Xpi" was quite ancient. The 11th century was the earliest date I could find for the word "Xtian" having been recorded, though. I'd guess that it was in the translating of the Gospels from Greek to Latin that led to the use of "X" for Christ in the English language.

Thank you.
Silly old coot;

Wrath of God, indeed.....

So somebody remind us;

according to the CDC what percent of sexually active homosexual males get (and give) HIV?


brave words! or the braying of a jackass.

Lucky for you the SPLC winks at anti-Xtian hate speech....
@37 is WRONG. If he heard Dan got randomly hit by a truck, 3 guesses how this guy would react to that news. I mean come on.

@37 is also wrong in thinking that wanting other people to "get right with God" is a good thing. People are free to "get right" in whatever way works for them, but they should leave others to do the same.

Finally, @37 implies that the guy is actually full of hope for Dan's wellbeing. I'm not even going to touch that...


go ahead.

touch it....
@39 : Steal away.
@44: Something like 6%, according to the most recent numbers.


it was 20% a few months ago.

(40% in Bulttimore)
@46 I would think "Oh no. Dan Savage got hit by a truck."

Why is the desire that people get right with God a bad thing? Don't you wish that people whom you consider bad would become more in line with God or justice or the-way-good-people act or something else that's bigger than you or them? We do the same thing; we just don't dress it up the same way.
Ms F - Hatemongers tend to be more Calvinistic than most. Here's the Hatemonger script:

* Horrible sinner and Head F***** Mr Savage has a Moment of Enlightenment and realizes that sodomy really does make Jesus puke.

* Mr Savage disbands his sinful menage and turns his vast empire over to some budding Chrisitanist.

* The remainder of the Savage career consists of speaking engagements in churches about how he has repented.

* Privately, Mr Savage can never find true peace because he is so remoreseful over having been so bad, and his continuing to beat himself up over his past enhances his effectiveness as a Solider for the Lord.

* The unexplained kicker: His ticket downstairs already being punched in advance, all that repentance goes for nought.

Now, I am prepared to believe that there are people of sincere good will who genuinely want Mr Savage to join them upstairs, but they would not be classed among the hatemongers.

As for what people on the other side should do, it seems disingenuous to think both sides of this coin analagous. It's a bit like the US Civil War in that one side was the nearly universal aggressor and wreaked havoc on much territory of the other.

In the case of someone like Mr Brown, who has done demonstrable harm to innocent people, my ideal solution would be for him to realize he was wrong, stop doing harm, maybe make some token gesture of reparation (but I could easily omit that) and then just GO AWAY, live in total obscurity and do no more harm. The last thing I'd want would be for him to start hitting the Pride Circuit in an attempt to compensate. The best way to explain it seems to be that the amount of harm one does becomes inversely proportionate to the capacity for good one has after recanting.
Some Xtians are to Christ as Futurama's Xmas is to Christmas...
you must keep in mind that religious fanaticism is a mental illness .... It's not treatable
GOD to video producer:

Poor font choice. Poor BG color choices. White on black, then black on brown then white on blue (Super Password?) then back to a white on black. Stick with white on black and remove scroll (waste of on-screen real estate). Overuse of exclamation points (I counted 8 across 4 sentences). Lazy music choice (SPCA abused animal music is too pat). Poor music editing. 45 sec library clips are abundant. Find one.

General note: GOD is underwhelmed. Please re-do.
More of the same old Inquisition-style thinking: to "save your soul" you have to live the way we tell you, because your "soul" is more important than your life. Oh! and, BTW? If someone, somehow, should bring you death, it's merely "god" doing the "right thing." We issue this warning (it's not a threat, honest!) because we TRULY CARE about your "soul."

Yeah. Right.
He must have seen "Miracle."

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