I Sometimes Wonder If They Bother to Read Their Own Editorials


damn goldy.

you should start your own newspaper and show them how to do it.
They have an "automated fingerprint identification system" at 24 Hour Fitness. I tap in my phone number and stick my index finger on what looks like a supermarket scanner. Then it flashes green and they give me a towel.

I can hardly believe it costs $123 million dollars.
Because they think reading is for stupid people. Especially those reading their rag.
It seems really fucking off to me that in this day and age of tech and server farms that this item is an ongoing cost. It isn't done?

Second, if it so goddam important should it be in LEO budget?
@2 As much as I hate to agree with you, I too have a hard time believing that this costs $123 million.
I can see an ongoing cost in terms of software upgrades and maintenance and the personnel to do that, but that shouldn't require rebuilding the entire system from scratch. This is off by one or two orders of magnitude at least.
Why does ANYONE bother to read their editorials???
Here is the difference, Goldy:

Rich people, when they want a book (or a CD or a DVD) order it from Amazon and get it delivered. They don't go to the library - it would take them into public space and force them to interact with the 99%. The library serves poor people and people of ordinary means. So the Seattle Times says let 'em dangle.

The AFIS is a police tool. The police serve the rich by protecting their person and (especially) their property. The police also enforce the status quo with violence. That's good. While the private security guys can do patrols and such, the rich folks want to socialize the cost of big ticket items like AFIS. Therefore the Seattle Times, the voice of the 1%, says that we absolutely must have it.

Once you view the Seattle Times editorial through the lens of the 1% it all makes sense.