Chopp Says Port CEO's Moonlighting Needs to Be Settled in Broad Daylight


Nice work from Chopp. Who else needs to weigh in before the Commissioners do the right thing and boot this guy? Macklemore?
Aren't open session discussions are just a show? We all know politicians make all of their real decisions behind closed doors. Most open sessions I've seen involve minimal discussion, followed by a vote.
Good deal. He's right, a public airing's the only remedy no matter which way it ends up. Once it is finally over - that, @1, is Macklemore's usual cue, so he can do a "remember back in the day when we all yelled at Tay" track.
@3 that would require him to rhyme -- unheard of
Seems odd to allow this fellow to take another job when the taxpayers are paying to keep this barge afloat. He should be hard at work making the port profitable so they don't rely on the taxpayers to fund their business model. There are a number of ports in the US, Canada and around the world that make a profit. Why can't the Port of Seattle?
@4 so many words rhyme with Tay that even I could do it. This begs for a Slog contest.
I can not for the life of me fathom how anybody involved in this - Yoshitani, the Port, or EXPD - thought this would be a good idea. This was always going to end poorly.
The link to the Times story looks wrong... points to a Slog article that does not reference the Times. I think it should be this:…
@8. Every link to a Times story is wrong, if you follow it.
First there was gay-for-pay. Now there's Tay-for-pay.