The Thursday Morning News (DNC edition)


Cool, Riya's back. More reporting from her would be excellent.

Regarding torture and Libya, I recall that one of the leaders who overthrew Gaddafi refused to turn over the Lockerbie bomber precisely because he himself at some point had been tortured by US agents.
Bus riders, take note. The end of the downtown Ride Free Area also means the end of pay-as-you-leave. Be prepared for long farebox lines with massive bus delays downtown and in the tunnel.

Avoid downtown transfers if at all possible, and get an ORCA card to speed boarding.
The Romney Directive

The Romney/Ryan campaign ordered the Democratic Party to insert new language in their campaign plank: praising the lord and recognizing Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel.

The Democratic Party immediately capitulated!

No doubt those 750,000 American workers who lost their jobs over the past six months are now filled with hope for change?

The crucial question is, was that Romney’s first directive to the Obama administration?

We think not.

Late in the Bush administration, the banker whistleblower, Bradley Birkinfeld, flew from UBS, Switzerland, to Washington, D.C., armed with a list of American super-rich tax dodgers, and on that list appeared the name of Willard Mitt Romney.

After Obama was elected president, the Obama administration prosecuted Birkenfeld into jail, and although UBS was fined for those tax dodgers, they essentially buried that list.

Of course, among the names on that list of super-rich tax dodgers there probably appeared the names of the financial backers of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain and Mitt Romney, but we are certain that Romney’s name was featured.

Anybody still unsure as to the obvious orchestration of American presidential elections?

All you faux crats out there, you vile rightwingers who dare call yourselves “progressives” --- stand ready for the next Romney directive!

We true progressives shall cast our vote for the authentic democrat, Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party.

Affirmative on Jill Stein, negative on Obamney!