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Err Mah Gerd! Thur Gervurmint's cermin fer mah fusion reacter!
That trailer looks awful, of course, but anything featuring the great Ray Wise can't be completely worthless.
I don't suppose Iraq has any plans to try any other fugitive former Vice Presidents, do they?
That woman with the "real sex" website has a good idea and I hope it takes off.

But I also hope she remembers, as she states in the article, that she's not against porn, she's just encouraging another medium of it.

Mainstream porn is successful because it's not real. That's why people like it, because it's a fantasy they can't get themselves. If the only porn that existed was regular people having regular sex, that'd suck. It'd be like a world without fantasy novels and sci-fi films.
Which explains a lot about most religions, too, Urgutha.
If you're going to see Atlas Shrugged II, then you should also see 2016.
@6) That's a REALLY big if, "Gay" Shill for Romney!
@7: Absolutely, to each his own. I wouldn't dare even dream of upsetting the provincial dispositions and delicate sensibilities around here by actually encouraging folks to go see these movies, hence the *IF*, the very first word of my post.

Here's a smaller one:

IF you want to see Atlas Shrugged II and 2016, then you are one big fromunda-soaked fucking idiot.
Hmm... Other movies that featured cold fusion as the MacGuffin. Let's see... Well, there's Chain Reaction and The Saint. No matter, I'm sure this movie will buck the trend!
Odd that no one talked about Obama and Biden willing embracing the Simpson/Bowles Cat Food Commission Report during both of their convention speeches last week. Especially since that report effectively destroys Social Security and Medicare for anyone under 50 years old which seems to be a large number of readers.
Gay Dude for Romney: It's not a question of "if" at all.

Based on the reviews of the first steaming pile of crap in the "Atlas" movie series, I am also not ever going to see the second assumed steaming pile of crap movie.

And thanks for the heads-up: I'll also now avoid the other assumed steaming-pile-of-crap you suggested.

Go ahead and shill for all of them, though. You sound like all the Scientologists that were crowing about how great "Battlefield Earth" would be, and how it would break all records, eclipsing (hah!) every other science-fiction flick ever made.
Ah yes, 2016 by Dinesh D'Souza, who thinks Obama inherited a hatred of capitalism from his father whom he met once in his life for about 15 minutes. I'm sure it'll be as even-keeled and non-manipulative as Fahrenheit 9/11.
When I saw the screen grab with the ridiculously fake CGI, I was looking forward to a funny, fake trailer, but no, it was real. I actually watched the first Atlas Shrugged movie and, considering the shitty source material (I've read the book too), thought they did as well as they could. This new one just looks horrible. What does it say when you can't get any of the original cast to come back for the second installment? The new Dagney is way less hot than the first one too.
Hey, want to see the stupidity and danger of the looney left and occupy movement just watch batman!
@14: Funny how we say "I actually saw", rather than saying "I saw" when referring to movies that raise eyebrows and eye rolls. This very useful adverb nullifies the embarrassment than would surely otherwise occur.
Gay dude for homophobic rulers - I doubt your gayness. Sry, I know there are allot of fucked up gay guys out there but it really scares me when someone who should, as a stereotype have good taste, suggest watching "Atlas Shrugged".

Its objectively ("oh-hoho") shit.

* The Actors are shit.
* The director seems drunk.
* The script is shit.
* The book the script was based on is AT BEST the philosophical ramblings of someone who had read, but not really grasped, Nietzsche and his writing techniques and tried to combined it with her sloppy grasp of Adam Smith.
* Photography... so-so
Oh before someone makes a joke about "her sloppy grasp of Adam Smith" - I would like to point out that I'm not saying Ayn jerked off Adam Smith. But if she did I'm sure he would feel as violated as we do having to read or watch Atlas Shrugged.

It's been noted that Paul Constant overuses the word "actually" in conversation. Nevertheless, being the beacon of Orwellian "newspeak" here at Slog HQ, we must listen to, repeat and obey his dictums. Other than that, your comment is much appreciated.
Hmmmm....a brain-eating parasite responsible for a death in Indiana, and the trailer to Atlas Shrugged II, sounds perfectly logical and appropriate.

Evidently, many of those brain-eating parasites only destroy brains and have yet to kill?

Indiana has been the most privatized state in America, with that douchetard they elected as governor leading the way. I believe he's even privatized their water supply quite some time again, which is where this parasite came from.

Whether it's real sex or fake sex, I'll take it any way I can get it ......
@13, please don't mention that vile cretinous object, Dinesh D'Souza, without first giving others suitable warning --- don't assume everyone has yet to eat breakfast and will otherwise not upchuck!
Oh man, "2016." If the wingnuts were capable of toning down the hypberbole a notch or 12 they might be able to make a convincing case against the president. With the state of the economy it should be a slam dunk, but all the rhetoric about "anti-colonialism" and "downsizing America" that failed in 2008 when Obama was a largely unknown quantity sounds even more absurd today. How thick does one have to be to believe it will work in 2012 when he's been running the country for 4 years? I have no doubt that kind of silly apocolyptic bullshit will help fire up the base but it's not changing anyone's mind.
Can I get those 2 minutes and 19 seconds of my life back? I can't imagine watching another 118 minutes of that snooze fest.
I was sitting with a friend when D'Souza started speaking on some CSPAN-ish channel and I grabbed the monitor out of friend's hands and threw it on the floor. The man gets more vile every year.
@24: My goodness. I trust it didn't break.
Rmoney says Paul Ryan made a mistake signing on to a deficit reduction plan. Hmmmm. Are you listening, Joe Biden?
@25, it didn't. I meant D'Souza is vile; friend is merely annoying.
@4: EXACTLY my thoughts on reality television. If reality was like those shows, we wouldn't need them; we'd just enjoy life.
Ah, yes, more delusional crud from gay romney. Kos had a great term for the current GOP: "post-truth." People who deal w/ facts & reason are to be mocked, pitied, condescended to. Silly liberals who refuse to see the magic fairies of Trickle Down and Governmental Control of Sex, they can't possibly understand what is *really* going on in the word, eh?

The GOP keeps doubling-down on the insanity. Good luck in the future, boys.
Dinesh D'Souza has to invent the demon-version of President Obama because the reality he wants isn't there. On Bill Maher's show, he said that Obama hates America and Americans, which is patently absurd. Then he went on to deny that global warming exists. These people are not sane, and they deserve all of the harsh criticism they receive.

This astute observation of yours might be your high water mark. If only you had Constanza'd out of the room at moment...
whoa...freeze at 2:12...her face, male voice asks "are you ready?" and then what's that thing that heads toward her lips?! A penis...a thumb that looks penile? WTF is up with that?
As everyone knows, I love Amtrak. But do we have to have another bad movie about It?
I'm waiting for the sequel to Atlas Shrugged. It's called Atlas Shagged.
You goofballs. 'Gay Dude for Romney' is a Seattleblues sock puppet.