Pat Robertson Wishes You Could Beat Your Wife


Actually such Islam is practiced in almost all islamic countries, not just Saudi Arabia...

At least jesus-cultism(christianity) has been mostly tamed, unlike the death cult of islam.
Two sides of the same coin. A two headed trick coin where you lose no matter how many times you flip it. Both heads are drooling and have a finger up their noses.
Oh... She's "rebellious". God, I hate word, so, so, so, so much. Whenever someone uses that word to describe someone, I know, right away, that person is a power-hungry, self-righteous, punishment fetishist - and invariably fundamentalist conservative. That is to say, in other words, a grade-A jerk. Parent who has the word "rebellious" in his/her everyday vocabulary = bad parent - or spouse. As long as there are people like them, there will be outlets for "rebellion".

Someday Pat Robertson will die...
So happy I wasn't raised with religion.
Okay crazy Jesus Grandpa, go eat your pudding.

Man. Alzheimer's is a bitch. Roberts and poor 'ol Clint Eastwood should get together and beat to death an empty chair.
still hasn't lost that charm.
Yeah! Is wife-beating hilarious or what?!?

I think the only thing that's funnier is prison rape!

What do you say to a woman with two black eyes?
Nothing you haven't told her twice already!

What do you do when the dishwasher stops working?
Slap her until she finishes them!

It's funny when you beat your wife.
Robertson shared the stage with Rmoney this past weekend in Virginia Beach.
Robertson: "I don't think we condone wife beating these days."

You don't think so? Yeah, I guess not, huh. Bummer.

What happened to the good old days? When you could beat your wife and it was all condoned and everything? Can't we get back to the morals and values we've lost?
Man, he's America's crazy old uncle in the attic, only with a TV show!
@5 I can't stop laughing at your imagery. Maybe Clint could take out an NRA officially badged revolver and finish the chair off. Stop laughing. These guys could end up in control of the nuclear arsenal yet.
I'm pretty sure if you stood behind the 700 Club set you'd see his son Gordon's hand up his back. When the cameras turn off, Puppet Pat's face slumps quiet.
You could feel how uncomfortable his female co-host was as he was insinuating this guy should smack his wife back into her place, trying to negate what he was saying: "Well, not physically."

Yeah, you just keep telling yourself that the people you support are OK with wife-beating and the only reason they don't do it is because it's no longer "condoned."
Don't you think that lady must go home every night and drink and drug herself until she blacks out? That's what I would do if I took a paycheck from that guy every day.
Authority??? This MOTHER FUCKER has NO BUSINESS even answering this question. God this senile piece of shit needs to pass on to the Hell that is waiting for him...
I feel sorry for the lady interviewing him.
Holy FUCK. So angry I could spit. Talk about blowing Akin's, by comparison entirely innocent 'legitimate rape' comment completely out of the water. This is so far off the charts outrageous, so mind spinningly disturbing and inexcusable I don't even know where to begin.

Could the message be any clearer? He is telling this guy, dog whistle style, that a beating is the only path to "correcting" his "rebellious" "13 yr old" wife. Which is just crazy-inappropriate in the context of the stats on the number of women brutalized, and ultimately killed by their husbands and bf's in this country, and all over the world. 50% of the homicides where I live in Maine, for example, are related directly to, and usually following years of, domestic violence.

I want the fucking Democrats to RUN WITH THIS and MAKE this a fucking firestorm. This truly dangerous and deranged motherfucker deserves no less.

I love how he psychoanalyzed her without knowing a SINGLE THING ABOUT HER. OR KNOWING A SINGLE THING ABOUT THE HUSBAND and their relationship. Okay, I'm done shouting.
What is especially shitty is that this is barely getting any coverage. A check of google news just now doesn't carry the story at all, unless you specifically input Roberton's name, and even then, there are like 6 total news stories on this - and none of them by mainstream media outfits.

Is something this incredible really going to go by the wayside?

@19 - I'm not done shouting. YES! So true, what you say. The man as "head of the house" MUST be in the right, correct? How dare his 'authority' be questioned by the childish brat of a wife!

@19 I know, right? I really like his Livejournal Comment Thread-caliber psychoanalysis.

"Clearly the only explanation is that she's been a brat her whole life. The only possible way a woman could grow up to be in such a sorry state was if she was woefully underdisciplined as a child. If only we could smack our daughters around when they threw fits, they wouldn't grow up to be such rebellious women."
It's a religion of love, not power and dominance.
Ok, while Robertson has probably said a ton of heinous shit in his day, this simply is NOT one of them. At worst he made an attempt at humor that rightfully fell flat. Interestingly enough, I see no comments on the fact that *his wife* had "stretched out her hand to beat him"
Back in the day when a 35-year-old man would marry a 12-year-old girl the rules might have made some sense (to them).
@24 - Looking the camera in the eye, twice, with an entirely straight face, essentially wishing the guy could move to Saudi because that is where wife beating is legal *isn't* a 'heinous' thing to say or even suggest? This guy with how many idiot followers - people writing in to sincerely ask Robertson to tell them what to do. Are you kidding?

I don't think anyone condones spouses beating each other, whatever their gender, but do the research on the amount of domestic violence that results, all over the world, in women being injured and killed by their spouses and bfs (vs men being injured/killed by their female partners - the latter occurs a much, much smaller percentage of the time for obvious reasons - men being bigger/stronger than women probably 90% of the time). *That* is why this isn't funny, isn't appropriate, and is in fact, dangerous.
I guess we can't beat senile old pricks anymore... (Not that Pat isn't doing that every night.)
Not a Pat Robertson fan by any means, and I have no idea what the size/strength ratio of the husband and wife, but it does at least bear mentioning that the wife is beating the husband. Now imagine this letter came in to a show like, The View, but with the roles reversed. Can you imagine Whoopi, or anyone else on those shows, not at the very least, joking about getting some self defense classes and kicking his abusive butt, and then divorcing him. Ultimately in this clip, Robertson says counseling is probably the best option, though he mentions Saudi Arabia at least one too many times. You can totally disagree with the whole rebellious woman/ male authority thing, but as far the "beating" part goes, nobody would bat an eye if the roles were switched around and someone said or implied something similar. Again, not a Robertson fan. Abuse is disgusting and I would never suggest it wasn't. He has definitely said some dumb things, but just seems a tad hypocritical for such a progressive paper as the Stranger, to string ol' Pat up for this one, seeing as abuse, (though far less common) happens to both women AND men. Seems a little sexist to suggest otherwise.
@26 what @28 said ...also when you consider the fact that Robertson is an evangelical wingnut, which is more likely: that he was going for a "deadpan" delivery or that he really wants the lw to convert to islam so he can beat up his wife ..As for the arm-chair psychology, she *is* beating a man who we can likely assume is much bigger and stronger than her, which is just a tad irrational
I love how NO ONE questions that maybe the husband is out of line. Nope, he's a totally accurate reporter, and SHE'S the one who needs counseling, and needs to be "put in line." Yup, she's the brat, and he's the beleaguered, rightful head of household. And really, Pat, what is wife-beating going to solve? If this dude can't figure out how to look at her and say "knock it the eff off or I'm leaving," he kind of deserves to have her "stretch her hand at him." And what the hell does that mean?
@ 1
So was ready to take big offence, because I had absolutely no idea that a verse like this even existed, and I went to ask my brother, who is spiritual, and he sheepishly admitted and showed it to me in the book. Then he said, well the book also says those who dissatisfy their wives won't go to heaven (he has a different idea of what entails heaven...) and the prophet said to me the best is the man who is the best with his wife, so why don't people ever listen to those?
Not that it makes up for that verse, i'll go put my head in the freezer.
In the meantime, let's try to dissociate my community from this religion. I think you underestimate the extent of societal influence on Muslims in various parts of the world... on people of every religion I guess. People pick and choose the things that suit them or conform to their culturally sanctioned morality.
Beating wives is prevalent among the Hindus, Christians, Buddhists and Muslims from a certain economic class in my Muslim-majority country. Same appears to be true for our Hindu-majority neighboring country. Sure religion gives people the excuse, but it's not like only Muslims do it.
Y'all should Google "Christian Domestic Discipline" and see what comes up!
Hahahaha, Pat! Domestic violence, hilarious!
Worse, he indicates seriously later in the interview that beating is would be a good option, if legal.
@30 - I wondered that, too - what 'stretching out her hand' meant. Did it mean she actually hit him? Or just that she threatened to? Or just that she waved her arms around vigorously like some people do when they're upset, and he choose to interpret her hand-waving as threatening to hit him?

Not that her hitting him justifies him hitting her back, but a lot of people think it does. Maybe I'm just out of touch with euphemisms used by Christians, but I know enough to know that Pat isn't being euphemistic here. He's telling the guy that it's morally okay and perhaps even his moral obligation to beat his wife. When I grew up, I regularly heard things like it was a man's moral obligation to beat his wife and children lest they get too rebellious and uppity - an actual REQUIREMENT. Whenever people would trot out the idea that corporal punishment was wrong, or that people shouldn't beat their kids, that argument was always brought up. I'm glad it's mostly discredited, sorry to see Pat repeating it without being challenged and castigated more for it.
What I am most upset about is the notion that the wife should submit to the "authority" of her husband.

Everything else follows from that premise. Without that premise, it would be just a couple with poor communication and a wife with poor anger management skills. In short, a couple that needs counselling.

But the premise is that she should submit to his authority. Is it now really so important how she is forced to submit (if by physical or mental violence)?
@26: How long have you been living in America? If you come from a religious background or are a preacher in this country, you can get a way with saying or doing anything.

No politician or party is going to make a big deal about this because Robertson has been saying insane shit like this for decades now, and it is a no-win move.

Not saying that it is good or right, but it is not surprising, which is essentially why no one even cares. It is like the old racist grandpa at thanksgiving: are you going to exile him from the family NOW for complaining about the "darkies" when he has been doing the same thing for fifteen years running?
@28 - Christ, it drives me absolutely nuts when people make excuses/defend wife beating - behind anonymous posts, of course - because in a smidgeon of the cases, the wife hits the man, and therefore calling out wife beaters is "sexist". Please. There is NO comparison between the documented cases, worldwide, of the phenomenom of wife beating vs husband beating, let alone the rate at which women end up dead after enduring years of increasingly brutal/escalating violence. I could give a shit what you suspect that The View might possibly have to say about this. Check the World Health Organization's position, and similar organizations. They actually consider it to be an epidemic, and an incredbily damaging one to society. The impact it has obviously on the woman, the ripple impact on the kids, etc., needless to say, is long lasting and devastating physically, financially, emotionally, psychologically. With kids who witness their mothers being beaten repeatedly to crap by their dads - the boys some scary percentage of the time end up abusers themselves, and the daughters end up with men who abuse - so it becomes a generational thing. It's poisonous. Which is why it's so fucking inexcusable and a complete fucking outrage for Robertson to winkingly hint into the camera that this is the best method for 'maintaining' a wife. And yes - as someone said, google Christian Domestic Discipline - a version of wife beating is a actually recommended - right now, in this day & age - by this wing of the Christian world.
This should be likened to someone writing in to Robertson about their daughter wanting to marry a black guy, or having troublesome black, or gay neighbors. With Robertson looking into the camera, twice, and saying, hmm, y'know, when I was a boy, lynching was a practice used to keep uppity N's in line. It worked a charm. Or, hmm, in some parts of the world like Saudi, gays are hung for the 'crime' of being gay, and in Uganda, being gay can get you the death penalty - wink wink, it's a shame we aren't like Saudi.

@36 - to answer your question, I was born in and have lived in the US all of my 47 yrs. You? Robertson has gotten called out before on his more idiotic stuff - like when he blamed 9/11 on the gays and feminists and 'abortionists', and for other shit he's said. Just last night I saw a clip of him standing on stage behind Mitt Romney. The difference between him and 'old racist grandpa' is that he is considered a leader, from a long way back, to a large faction of the right wing religious community - and more scarily, his ilk potentially have the ear of the White House. Even if he doesn't in any real sense, though, just him standing there with the repub nominee gives him validity, in some people's eyes. So when this "leader" turns around and effectively promotes domestic violence as a "solution", yes, it's a big fucking deal, and I'd rather it didn't go unnoticed.
I apologize for so many posts. This is a topic I've seen and dealt with personally in my life on a couple of different levels. I know the crippling and devastating impact it can have. It therefore makes me ILL to see it wistfully "joked" about or excused or hinted at by a so called leader, as something that is in any way enviable or desireable.
I think "Pat is horrible" has been settled law for some time now. Dan, please don't make me watch another video of him ever again.
One of these days Alice! POW!!! Right to the moon!
Um. The way i read that letter, because of the response of the writer, was a man as the abusee in an abusive relationship. Who is Right wing enough to care about Pat's opinio... which says to me he has limited places to go for help. It's hard to get help in that situation. But i also recognise it could just be histrionics or looking for excuses. Food for thought for the folk carrying on like the letter writer is vile :p
@43: It does sound like this guy is in a troubled marriage. His wife 'insults' him, and 'stretches her hand' to him like she's going to hit him. She refuses to talk about their problems. Unfortunately, when leaving is off the table (because of Scripture), you're not left with a whole lot of options. Go to the pastor for marriage counseling, sure--but what if she won't go? Or he's too embarrassed to say how bad it's gotten? The guy's in a tough spot, and as you say, made worse by the religious community he lives in.

Now, we are a bunch of nobodies on the internet. And yeah, we smack-talk the guy a little. But he asked Pat Robertson for help and got told to move someplace where he can beat his wife into submission. Who's worse at being helpful?
@37: I agree that world-wide, the problem of male partners beating female partners is much more common and societally-reinforced.

Which is part of why it's so troubling when a man actually *is* being abused, (and/or a woman actually is being abusive)-- because he won't get the same kind of support a woman might (though obviously not from the dangerously misguided Mr. Robertson) under the same circumstances. It is horribly, horribly wrong to tell such a man that he should "just hit back," or hit harder, or "put his wife in her place" or some such-- not just because it reinforces the narrative of men enforcing their dominance with violence, but because it tells him that he should be *ashamed* of being abused, that he wouldn't *be* abused if he were a "real man."

I can see lots of ways in which Robertson's hideous advice would be terrible for the wife in this circumstance. But I can also see a lot of ways it could also be terrible for the husband.
@44, there is definitely something to be said for writing a letter to the Right's favorite heathen, Dan Savage. He might have gotten something more helpful than "you should beat your wife/make her submit," and might have gotten advice that would SAVE his marriage. Moreover, if the wife IS abusive, Dan would probably tell him he should get the fuck out.

As far as Pat, I wonder if he would say that divorce is okay if the WIFE is getting the shit beat out of her. His attitude is so wrong on so many levels, and his little comment is going to be all it takes for some control-freak husbands to decide that when they're angry, it'll be okay to hit their wives, because Patty said it really SHOULD be okay to make her submit. He really shouldn't run around using the Lord's name in vain.
@45 - Agreed - Pat Robertson gives shit advice, all the way around. What is astonishing is that after all of the many times he's made a complete jackass out of himself on so many levels, that there is STILL somehow a format for asking him advice in the first place.

As far as the guy who wrote to him about his unhappy marriage - here is one good reason for the existence of counseling, separation and most of all, divorce. Nobody should put up with an unceasingly miserable marriage - whatever the "scriptures" say. Certainly, no amount of beating 'sense' into your spouse - male or female - or your kids for that matter, will fix a bad marriage.

@32, holy shit! I can't decide if CDD is for Christians who don't want to admit to a kink, or men who want an excuse to hit their wives!!!! The best part is the letters from the wives who are like "it's great, totally fine!" No it is NOT totally fine! The husband is not always right!
Sounds like a true (or should I be calling it "legitimate"?) marriage, where the man simply controls his child-like wife. Ugh.
As far as Pat, I wonder if he would say that divorce is okay if the WIFE is getting the shit beat out of her.
I remember stories from Catholic women who, when they admitted to their Priests that they were being beaten, were told they had to accept what was happening, that they couldn't leave their husbands and their only option was prayer.
@27 I daresay that's what good ol' Pat was doing right then and there. Ew.

OTOH, I'm not sorry that this gets very little attention. Fucking wanker is a has-been and should NOT be national news. We need to fucking ignore him until he dies and goes to his just rewards.
@37 Let me start by saying that domestic violence in all its forms and permutations is indeed endemic, that it is especially heinous when the abuser has a large size, strength and weight advantage and that most cases are indeed men abusing women.

That said, I believe #28 isn't for increasing domestic violence but rather contextualizing Robertson's truly bad advice and admonishing us to measure our response.

There are multiple layers of truly disgusting shit attached to Robertson's "discipline" notion, but in so far as #28 is right about the abuse-revenge meme, there are some complications around calling the asshole out on the sound bites level for his commentary.

As others have pointed out, Pat Robertson will be disappointed by the afterlife soon enough; how can we best use this opportunity to actually address the actual problem?
@50: Yes - I love that - almost like 'praying away the gay'. Historically, when divorce was difficult to obtain and all but nonexistent and women were entirely dependent financially on the husband, she had very little choice but to endure the abuse, and nowhere to go if she fled - the few women's shelters that there are now didn't exist at all until the late 70's/early 80's, and homeless shelters to this day won't put these women up because of the real danger their abusers pose to other shelter occupants once he finds out she's there. (In many cases the wackjob turns stalker.) The courts, the police, women's doctors and leading religious figures all turned an entirely blind eye for most of recent history when it came to this issue.

These days there is much more awareness, but tragically, it's still very prevalent, and as I said earlier, in 50% of the homicides of women in my state, it's the husband or bf doing the murdering - almost always after years of intensely escalated abuse. The biggest risk women run is in finally leaving - that is when something like 90% of the murders of these women take place, because the guy realizes he's about to actually lose control over "his" woman.

Again, these are all reasons why Pat Robertson has no business winking into the camera about this shit. It's about as serious a fucking issue as it gets.

I can't quite say which side of the letter-writer's argument I'm on (anyone who asks Pat Robertson for advice is kinda suspect, but maybe his wife really is a nightmare to live with), but what's interesting is Robertson's moral backflips.

If she's as unreasonable -- and even abusive to him -- as the writer says she is, it could be solved by a simple "DTMFA." But of course divorce is a sin, so what to do, what to do? Robertson also sounds pretty mistrustful of therapy, so what recourse does that leave? "I don't think we condone wife-beating these days, but something's gotta be done ..."

There's something kinda insidious about that, considered on a larger scale. Divorce is a sin that takes time and deliberation. Spousal abuse can be a sin of impulse that happens in a flash. It's easier to say, "God forgive me for my momentary loss of control" than it is to say "God forgive me for this prolonged divorce proceeding that I'm going to go through with anyway." If you believe divorce is the worst thing you can do in a marriage, it's much easier to justify anything else you do that's not divorce.
The only people who don't laugh at Pat Robertson are as senile as he is.
I agree, rebellious wives should be beaten. If they are into that sort of thing, you know. mmmm whips......
My Saudi students would be really surprised to hear that you can just beat the fuck out of your wife if she doesn't obey you...racist, ethnocentric, condescending and misogynist in one fell swoop. That's not even a record for Robertson, is it?

As a Saudi living in Saudi Arabia I realize that we have a bleak history (and present) regarding misogyny, gender segregation, woman rights, and human rights in general, but tolerating domestic abuse (or systemic "practice" as you put it) is not one of them. I also realize that people outside our country paint our society like a caricature.

Making light of a serious issue like domestic abuse by injecting xenophobia coming from you is saddening. Dan I Know Pat Robertson is an idiot, what I didn't know is that you're one too.
OK, my previous comment might've been quite harsh, but concurring with Pat Robertson to the part about Saudi Arabia and insinuating that my country is some sort of women beaters haven is insulting to say the least. This crackery is no strange to Pat Robertson but it's not something I would've expect from you. Maybe I misread your comment to the video, maybe you meant it as sarcasm. Either way I still love you Dan.