The Raygun Lounge Opens September 20th


Fuck yes! I contributed nothing, being the freeloader that I am, but I was excited to see this kickstarted, and I've been dying to see this place open.
I don't want to sound too much like a...well, asshole. But is this news because it's Capitol Hill? Why not a shout out to the other geeky store/bar combos in the Seattle area?

Card Kingdom/Cafe Mox in Ballard, for example?

Don't get me wrong - more of these places in Seattle is a GOOD THING. The Raygun/Gamma Ray articles just seem to leave the impression that this is the one-and-only geeky bar.
@2 My friends and I spend a considerable amount of time at Cafe Mox, but I am also excited about the new lounge: first of all, as you point out, more is better. And sometimes it's nice to have a change of scenery. And there have been shout-outs to gamer-friendly places: several Suggests, Slog posts, and this bio of Cafe Mox's owner:…
@2 for the win.
Aha! Excellent! I apologize for my ignorance. My nerdy outrage is now sated.
Excuse my ignorance, as I have not played any RPGs since middle school and even then I was little more than a dabbler, but it seems like it would be tough to keep these places in biz without some kind of hourly rate or REALLY expensive pizza. None of the gamers I knew were or became heavy drinkers and if booze purchases made it finacially viable for a table to be occupied for hours, wouldn't the gaming get pretty schloppy quickly?
in less nerdy related news. Fremont's Add-a-ball pinball arcade is slated to open a new location on capitol hill around Halloween. Pinball nerds rejoice!
@4 For the obliviousness!

@6 Oh, the nerds of the Hill are pretty big lushes. We almost single-handedly kept Chao Bistro open for months longer than it would have. Would have still been supporting that place, but they made it clear we weren't really welcome after a while.

I can't wait to be able to work from home at my local gaming bar! Drinking from my personalized mug after it is fetched from behind the bar.
@6 DnD requires a constant flow of drink.
@8 and 9, Fair enough.
Oh, there will be a bar? Well, that's good. When I checked the place out on their preview night before PAX, it was... unexciting. I mean, it was full of nerds playing games, and that was rad, but the place itself wasn't looking so great.

Re: drinking, well, role-playing in public requires a certain lack of inhibition that you either naturally possess, if you're That Guy, or you must acquire by imbibing Potions of Not Giving a Fuck. For that matter, role-playing in private is also improved by the suppression of embarrassment.
I remember when The Stranger mocked gamers.

You make an exceptionally good point about possible liquor sales, but drunk Apples to Apples is the best. Just my suggestion for the day.