Little (Sometimes Perverted) Anti-Spectacles That Make the World Better for a Minute


and it was all downhill!
I beg your pardon, but those "steep stone steps" (I prefer to think of it as a rustic trail) and that "creepy deck" (I won't argue that) were the grounds Chez Vel-DuRay. We are great patrons of the arts.

And you're right about Klara. She's just about the best person ever.
From just the headline I was hoping some mad inventor had created eyeglasses that let one see the world as an artist would see it.

The event sounds very cool, hate that I missed it.
I was one of the artist' among the mass and did create a 7' foot kaliedoscope that was hidden in plain sight-only the god's were given offerings of de-composing fruit to gnaw on. I managed to slip through everyone's tightly holding hands. all the best for the man watching the entire time- i hope my effort was worth your presence. Seattle is a slippery slope driven by Graves into mires of nepotism as well as the casually and habitual myopic. The elder remind us the ditch stumbled into by the blind is downslope - which paradoxically exists actual momentum; of what force would be a great study. As framed ontologically -authentic moments of grace and hope happen to exist- but are they real or actual? ( the god argument). The withering arguments of the actual are being displaced by an extrinsic finality- does a representation of a door in a field (actions included) exist as significant or is it an actual moment of hope, beauty? I applaud the poet in the ditch for the actual- rather be unseen and re-affirm for oneself the fact of the earth, words, sky,etc... than exist as projected moments from a singular "nuclear" source. Electricity is still a theory by the way- the quotes.