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I'll speak for the Slog masses, "Hey African Americans, Christianity sucks a sliced-off dog's dick! Now get out and vote!"
Apparently black clergy is no better than the rest. Shameful.
My guess is that the violence in Libya as well as elsewhere has been stoked by Al-Quaeda and it's affiliates. The film may have caused people to protest, but I doubt it would have gone this far without some assistance from somebody whipping up the crowd into furor.

There's only a month to go before the US Presidential election, and Al-Quaeda knows it. They also know that Obama has so far picked off Bin-Laden and their number 2 guy. Unlike the previous administration, Obama is getting things done when it comes to tackling the Somali pirates and supporting regime change across the Mideast. They also know that Romney is a spineless worm with no real convictions about anything. A President Romney would be like President Bush-someone who talks alot about bring democracy to the Mideast but either bungles everything (e.g., Iraq) or does nothing.

The Arab Spring may be a difficult birth for Mideast Democracy, but it is a birth nonetheless. Under Bush, Mideast Democracy was stillborn. And under Romney, it would die of SIDS, much as Iraqi democracy did under Bush. Al-Quadea does not want Mideast democracy, it wants an authoritarian theocratic dictatorship, and therefore they want an American President who will not pose a competent threat to their plans.
Pope, would it not be our civic duty to go around to the black churches and enlighten these people in person with our smarter than thou wisdom?
Sort of.

Al Quaeda (and other militant extremist groups) want a republican in office - any republican - because they know repubs are far more likely to wage war on actual nations with governments (e.g., Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, etc.). Whenever the U.S. kicks out the reigning government of some middle east country, it makes it ripe for the militant terrorist groups to move in and set up camp, training and recruiting and growing in power.

I don't think they really care about whether their own higher ups are killed, they just want the middle east to be an unending war-torn hellhole... the most promising conditions for them to grow... and the U.S. republicans seem only too willing to keep giving them that gift.
Someone's been listening to Tegan & Sara.
Meanwhile in Texas, the Secretary of State's office sent out letters to 80,000 or so people saying it thinks they're dead, and so they have been removed from the voter rolls. Oddly, many seem to be minorities.

But all you had to do was call the registrar's office and tell them you're alive. One person who tried to do that called three days in a row and was on hold for more than an hour.

Only Harris County (Houston-area) official Don Sumners refused to go along with the purge orders, for which he was threatened with loss of state funding but refused to back down.…
If traditionally conservative Christians choose not to vote, it's only a win for all Americans. That stupid hand-wringing article has it completely back-asswards.
The Lion's Warning

It has become almost traditional at every anniversary of 9/11 to mention all those warnings from American and foreign intelligence agencies, compulsively ignored by the Cheney-Bush administration.

While those are all well and true, it should never be forgotten that repeated warnings were also coming from a warrior-commander far away in Afghanistan, Ahmad Shah Massoud, known as the Lion of Panjshir for his fighting to repel the Soviet invasion.

Commander Massoud, of the Northern Alliance he had formed to fight against the Taliban, had repeatedly attempted to warn the Bush administration of an impending terrorist attack, and had spoken of such in a speech several months earlier he had given to the European Parliament.

Told of several journalists who wished to interview him, and ignoring the concerns of his aides, Commander Massoud made one last attempt to publicize his warning to America on September, 9, 2001.

The two reporters turned out to be imposters, cowardly dogs of Al-Qaeda, who would self-detonate to murder the noble Massoud, who made the ultimate sacrifice in his final attempt to warn America!

One can only wonder what Ahmad Shah Massoud, the martyred commander might have elaborated about after the attacks on 9/11/01, and what his living testimony might have shed light upon?

Dead men tell no tales, but Americans should never forget this tale of yet another Muslim hero of 9/11, the Afghanistani warrior-leader who died trying to sound the alarm.

The Beloved Martyred Commander
Ahmad Shah Massoud
Sept. 2, 1953 --- Sept. 9, 2001

Hvil i frioi, Commander
Anyone making under $100,000 is poor.

Poor don't take the risk of exercising a political voice.

Stay out of it until they see who the winner is and then run up, shake his hand and say "Man, I was with you from the beginning."

Anyone else is a Grandstand Foolosopher.

Hvil i frioi...
Shouldn't that be "dʒojaʂ dʒanat ʂavad," @9?

Take your meds and try to keep up and stay on topic.

@3, the Arab Spring is the beginnings of more Islamist states. Look at Egypt.
does anyone know what those square things they're playing music on are called?