More Ridiculous Rape Claims from the Akin Family


"...frantically spackling and sealing all my holes shut right about now."

I'm not sure, but I think you just sexually assaulted the Akin family.
If anything got "raped" it was the frigg'n English language in that moronic statement.

"There has been a freedom of elections, not tyranny of selections since way back."

What THE living fuck is this lady talking about? The Akin family is clearly missing several chromosomes.
Don't kill me, Bill.
So if a woman gets pregnant after rape, it probably wasn't "legitimate rape," but if Todd Akin takes some heat for saying something stupid, that's the real deal.

I guess the message is that only social conservatives know what real rape is, and they can't explain it to us, because real rape is situational, and the definition is a moving target. But, like pornography, they know it when they see it.
well, Lulli is married to an arrogant, ignorant gas bag, so she must have either been one herself or she de-evolved after she married him.

Jesus H Christ. Do they not grasp what rape actually means?
So... in 1776 the colonists revolted because they were tired of the English monarchy literally raping their wives and daughters? Wut?
If the Republican Party rapes Rep. Akin, I will stand by silently.
You keep using that word... I do not think it means what you think it means.
If it's a legitimate rape, he won't get pregnant.
I love hearing from those adorable Akins. It fills the news cycle so nicely.
What is with the Rapey McRapesalot family? Don't these people ever talk about anything else?
If I were king of the world, people would only be allowed to invoke

1) Hitler and Nazis in order to talk about Hitler and the Nazis.
2) Slavery to talk about Slavery.
3) Rape to talk about Rape.

No one should ever refer to any of those three things unless they are talking about those three things. While currently breaking these rules are not (to my deep regret and frustration) illegal, they do immediately identify the speaker as an ignorant, insensitive, bloviating, callous, stupid-ass dickhead who openly insults everyone ever who suffered from items 1, 2, and 3. and as someone who is utterly unqualified--intellectually and morally--to hold public office.
My favorite comment from the TPM article:

"I know how she feels. The blisters I got on my feet last week are exactly like The Holocaust.

Only worse, because they are happening to me.


Stop raping our freedom of expression and enslaving us to your way of seeing the world, you Nazi.
@12 There are many things to which I have considered comparing your invocation rule.

As much as I want to agree with it, I think that it can be incorrectly used to dismiss cogent and well constructed discussions about race relations in America (slavery), for instance.
A few weeks ago on a Mariners game thread someone wrote how they hate when a team rapes the Mariners. Someone replied with "I doubt people compare their sexual assault to a baseball game,". It was good to see in the macho world of sports online people were being civil and reasonable.
Of course it wasn't rape.

He was ASKING for it.
With the way he was dressed.
And parading himself around in public like that.
And the FILTHY things he was saying.

And he's had a long "relationship" with the Republican party.

And then comes the morning after the interview the day before and he has to face his wife.
And the Republican Party is going around the country telling everyone that they're through with him and it's over.
Of course he's going to tell his wife that he was raped.
"The embarrassment or discomfort I am currently experiencing is just as bad as the worst thing that ever happened to anybody else, because it is happening to me."
I think that someone needs to take the Akin's aside for a little "discussion". This discussion would involve tying them both down and forcibly sticking a dick up each of their asses repeatedly without permission. They seem to be having some difficulty figuring out what this "rape" stuff is and I think it's important that this is clarified for them.
Sadly, as a man, Akin can't spackle his holes shut since he needs to eat and shit.
Maybe this is just her way of making sure her husband is around the house a lot more over the next two years