This Is What Bi-Phobia Looks Like


Bryan Fischer? The same Bryan Fischer who said the stupid anti Muslim video was basically sound? I want to claim back "American Values" for those of us who actually have them.
You should also post your response. It was terrific.
@2 Are you what a two-week-old pile of shit looks like?
Hey! That's the same guy that called for an underground railroad to kidnap children away from gay parents.…
No, Dan, that's what a media whore struggling for relevance looks like.
That, or just saying that bisexuals don't exist, are confused examples of other sexualities, are naturally untrustworthy, etc.
Another old creep from Dumbfuckistan. Buy a dictionary or an atlas, old creep.
As a resident of the bay area and a proud out bi man, let me just say:

I wish Berkeley would concentrate a little more on getting the streets cleaned regularly.

Bryan Fischer, of course, is a drooling jackass.
I, for one, hope it's Anal Sex Pride day.
@11: if you live the right kind of life, that's every day.
I guess the poop pile @2 got picked up.
who is this and why should I care?
He misspelled Berkeley.
Well, yes, but that's not the only way biphobia looks.
I thought bronycon was bestiality pride day.
Lucky for Bryan, every day is idiot pride day.
Maybe he can initiate "Asshole Pride" one day...
My sister is a tenured psychology professor in a very socially conservative state. I was asking her why social conservatives would even consider something like the Regnerus study as a way to advance their argument. Her response: "Because it never happens." Me: "?" She went on to explain: "It's so much harder for gay people to adopt children than straight people - especially gay men, and especially single gay men - that the ones who end up clearing that bar are pretty much always stellar as parents. It [i.e, them ending up to be bad parents, for whatever reason] NEVER happens."
You know what would be as morally repugnant as Pedophile Pride Day? Bryan J Fischer Pride Day.
@20: Sort of like the Tuskegee Airmen. Because it was so hard for blacks to get into the Army Air Corps, only the best of the best of them saw service, and so they were better pilots, on average, than many white units.
It never happens? Sadly, that can't be said:…
Sure - nothing never happens. It's just there's not a lot for them to go on, statistically speaking
Dan, that Towleroad article is just one of the mostly incorrect articles. That baby was not louis chen's adopted son. The baby was chen's biological son. They had a baby using a surrogate. That woman is my girlfriend. So louis stabbed his biological son and his son's adopted father, eric. Most of the articles I have read about the case got that wrong. Hardly any mention of my girlfriend and our family, this whole other family he fucked with, t these two little kids we have to explain this two, this woman who carried this baby for him for ten months.
Can Bi-'s give birth? I guess the women ones can. What's kids got to do with Bisexual Day?
All I can say is that I found Berkeley to be quite kinky and definitions were either discarded or subject to semantic deconstruction. That's why it was called Bezerkley way back when. Action was considered a good antidote to an over-pacified populace.
None of the Bi-'s I have met are confused, just the people who want to possess them. They're good in bed for the most part. And, they have a lot more fun and lot more of it. Besides, I think Bi is sexy. Sexier than gay. Sexier than straight who just lets you do it. Not everybody likes to wear their sexuality like a billboard. Not every body has been turned inside out in the name of being socialized.
About the non-logical connection between sex and adults morphing into pederasty and bestiality, I just saw a neighbor grandmother kiss her granddaughter goodbye. Using the twisted mindset of what's his name, I guess that I should infer that she is a lesbian incestuous pederast. I'll be sure to inform her that she should mend her ways. If you hear a loud slap out west, it was the sound of my face getting smacked.
I've noticed that people who keep to themselves get a lot more of it and better models.
Anyone have info about events for bisexual pride day in Berkley? Google gawd doesn't seem to have info for me…