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Glad to see the British will not be attacking any Danish embassies with rocket propelled grenades. I was worried there for a minute.

Also, I wish I had two sets of hands, so I could give those titties four thumbs down.
I've noticed over the last couple of days a few blog posts have linked to the mobile versions of websites. Can you post the links to the real sites? I think that if someone were viewing the blog on a mobile device it would detect that and change. it doesn't change the other way - or that's what my experience is teaching me.

Or are laptops/desktops now a dead media? (fax me the answer to that one)
The Republicans have blocked a jobs bill for veterans to damage Obama? Well, they can't do any more damage to the worst congress in history, can they? Are they possibly that fucking mean and stupid? Yes!
Poor beagle, or lucky beagle. During many a depressed moment over the years, I've tried to calculate how high I would have to jump to ensure a guaranteed suicide.
"I've seen the pictures, and her breasts aren't all that great", and " I wish I had two sets of hands, so I could give those titties four thumbs down".

That's some petty, cold shit right there. Don't you have a daughter Goldy?
I'd like to chime in here and say that I personally find Her Royal Boobies to be quite toothsome!


its an awkward subject....
+1 for the royal boobs being a let-down.
@5 Since when has Goldy posted a comment not as himself?
Goldy why didn't you post that Obama's CounterTerrorism Director said the murder of Chris Stevens was a terrorist attack?

Not the result of a protest riot.....

That Stevens was on a terrorist hit list?

And knew it?

And spent the last weeks of his life fearing for his life?

And that Obama did not protect him?

Why didn't you post that, ShitHead?
How dare the woman not have perfect, porn star breasts! Doesn't she know they are only there for the pleasure of strangers on the other side of the world?!
Regarding the royal breasts... there's a difference between how they look in candid photos taken from hundreds of meters away and how they would look if she were posing for glamor shots. It's the same with virtually every other topless celebrity picture the tabloids get. Just being naked isn't sexy all by itself.
The Democrats need to use that now.

Run ads with vets asking Senate Republicans BY NAME why he (or she) stopped the bill that would help vets.

Particularly if they could match a pro-war vote then to an anti-vet stance today.
The veterans bill is one where I just don't understand why Democrats don't force a real live old time filibuster.
Because the senate democrats are spineless, gutless, cowards.
Is co-chair T-Paw the first major rat to abandon Romney's sinking turdship of a campaign? Will there be a flood of departures over the next few weeks?

"Screw this noise, I'm gonna go cash in over at LobbyLand."
Herp derp "A fat guy is coming!" Herp derp "Make a lowest-common denominator joke about him eating all the food!" Herp derp
@5: It's a joke, a quote from Chapelle's show.

I'm Rick James Bitch.

Seriously, Goldy, surely you can find some way to be humorous without belitting people's physical appearance. It's quite juvenile. And it makes you a lazy writer.
Leave Goldy alone.

Faggots don't understand breasts.....
@18: and yet, somehow still not funny.
"the Muslim street's utter humorlessness"? This is all happening on one street somewhere in Pakistan?
@21: That's a given, since it came from Chapelle's mouth and all...
@21: Congratulations on feeling that way. I thought it was funny on the show. Let's celebrate our differences.
Anyone that hasn't clicked on the cooking wife link, do it now. That's a seriously messed up story.
@5 - Don't forget he will "remember" that cooking trick next time he murders his wife... O_o
Why Jesse Ventura is right: unmeming the meme

The constant litany of “Supreme Court choices” as a motivating factor in reelecting the neocon administration of President Obama doesn’t really hold up when all the data is examined.

Those closely following federal court jurisprudence will understand what we say when it is explained that the majority of truly important cases never make it to the supreme court, while too many trivial cases do end up there.

The Citizens United case should never have made it to the SCOTUS level, where the vile decision was written by the so-called “liberal” Justice David Kennedy (so described by newsy pundits).

The really important judicial decisions, antithetical to democracy, to the citizenry, to working people and those seeking work, are rendered by the federal courts.

This structure isn’t by chance, but careful design, put in place back in 1978, and incrementally improved over the past thirty-some years.

The US Chamber of Commerce established the National Chamber Litigation Center to this very end, back in 1978.

Thus, when the populist Jesse Ventura urges American voters to reject their usual choice of militant ignorance, and seek the third party solution, he is quite correct.

Today, the government has the “legal” right to access all personal information about the citizenry without their knowledge, thanks to the Obama Administration and judicial decisions from the federal courts; this is no justification to reelect.

Obviously, the strategy was to find the vilest, most despicable American possible to run against Obama, making him appear pristine by comparison. In this they’ve been most successful with their choice of the vile, despicable Romney (and Ryan).

Whether from indoctrination or mass advertising, too often Americans choose to remain ignorant --- and it is a choice!

Recently, like many others, I was approached to make a donation against the validation of Wisconsin’s Gov. Walker in his recall election. Naturally, I declined --- not having the money was beside the point --- having watched the exit interviews of union members from the Walker’s first election to governor, I was convinced of their militant choice to remain ignorant.

I was sadly proven correct: 40% of union households in Wisconsin voted for Walker in both elections!

Presently, we see the workers at Bain’s Sensata facility, whose jobs are being offshored to China, having finally recognized the impact of jobs offshoring (now that it has affected them), and blithely explaining how they were taken by surprise?

Amazing, given the overwhelming data to suggest that was the likely outcome!

I have personally witnessed this type of behavior again and again and again; where the workers refuse to acknowledge the obvious --- where they chose ignorance above all!

Now the Bain-owned company workers are begging Bain not to offshore their jobs; the psychopaths just love to see them beg.

Of course, those pathetically begging workers don’t realize this as they’ve chosen to remain ignorant all along.

Those of us who’ve been actively fighting jobs offshoring --- one of their major tools in the dismantling of the economy --- since 1978, the same year of the Powell memorandum, the year the USCoC established their National Chamber Litigation Center, and the Rockefeller Foundations’ creation of the Group of Thirty --- view the begging workers with disgust and disdain.

(At this late date, thirty years too little, too late, they would probably be better served going back to watching their sports, cable TV and movies, etc.)…

Special notes: Awhile back, Goldy wrote an excellent blog piece on monies flowing from the most democratic parts of the state, to the most neocon areas. This is the uniform and standard pattern in all 50 states, and at the federal level, monies flowing from the most blue states to the most red states (Alaska, Mississippi, Alabama, etc.). This is no accident but stems from the efforts of USCoC's National Chamber Litigation Center of the past three decades.

Also, the Group of Thirty, was established to support the central bankers and the speculators, essentially the same thing, or so heavily interlocked they may as well be. Larry Summers and Paul Krugman have long been members, and even though Krugman repeatedly tells simpletons and fools he's a "liberal," Krugman consistently has always come down on the side of the speculators and central bankers although, occasionally, he words his position to suggest he's for "the people." Krugman claimed there was no housing bubble when it was obvious to all, claimed there wasn't any speculation taking place in the oil/energy markets (and refinery-involved chemicals, and transportation [freight forward futures, etc.]) when the paper price of oil was 13.8 times the physical price --- and Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup were making a fortune by said speculation through their hedge funds. Krugman has claimed the banks were healthy, instead of the obvious zombie banks, etc., etc., etc.

If the devil tells the simpleton he's a "liberal" -- too often the simpleton will believe it.
@1 "Also, I wish I had two sets of hands, so I could give those titties four thumbs down"

Ah, Theodore. Feminism is so lucky to have you on our side.

And what TVDinner @17 said. Seriously, Goldy. Fat jokes?
Leave Kate Middleton and her titties alone, you fucking dickheads. Jesus christ. Goldy, for shame. Asshole commenters, I'm only sad that I'm not surprised by y'all continuing to be assholes.

Way to put it, Rotten666.
Can put these Chris Christie fat jokes to rest? There's enough fat shaming in world as it is.
@28: Hey, one of us has to be able to take a joke, right?

Ba-Dum Tish

@21 That joke is actually tremendously funny in the context of the sketch.
Fat shaming and tit jokes are where The Stranger shows its true colors.

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