SL Letter of the Day: A Refusal to Eat It


A man who won't go down on his woman. A shameful man
It think the guy was just afraid of the dead fish smell...
Further proof that when most people say "moral code" what they really mean is "personal ick code."
@2 - that's easily remedied if true
Who marries a man who won't go down on them?
Ha topical! Mormon delusion indeed...
Whoa, we just jump to "cheat on him already"? None of the insight into what might get this guy to change his mind? None of Mr. Savage's usual "Explore non-under-the-table monogamish options"?
@2 is right. It might be something that could be fixed by a little perfume.

@5 People who wait until marriage not only to do the sex but to do the talking about the sex.
@2: "It think the guy was just afraid of the dead fish smell..."

Gay or to-be-cheated-on?

@8: Whaaaaa, seriously? People who have a proper diet and no yeast/bacterial infection should NEVER need perfume.
And now please comment on the gender flip.
Save yourself some legal hassle. Don't leave him. Murder him in his sleep. Sit on his face and smother him with your labia.
@2 - No, it would be fixed by an antibiotic regimen. Yikes.
@2 - No, it would be fixed by a course of antibiotics. Yikes.
So is this response to 11/6/2008 letter a case of amazing prescience, or simply a shitty remake of the origanal?

its new.

Danny is buttsore about Mitt and Danny's dad punching Danny in the face.
Dealbreaker. My main question, though, is why this information wasn't made clear during dating?
Cheat on him with your new divorce lawyer.
I call Fake. What Dan Savage reader wouldn't have learned this BEFORE marriage?!
If he would not go down on her then why did she marry him? Did she expect him to change with time? If that was the case, then it is her own fault and she should get over it.

Also, since when does a person refusing to go down on another person automatically lead to a free pass to cheat?! She said "not hard" so she must still be coming to some degree. It's not like he is depriving her of all sex and she is still being pleasured to some degree. So how the hell is this a "free cheat" card! If it is that important to her, then she needs to divorce and find a guy who will go down on her. Everyone has their kinks and their turn offs. If she knew this before marriage (and I find it hard to believe she did NOT!), then her partner shouldn't be cheated on for this nor should it be held against him.
@8 "Perfume"?? If her ladyparts smell BAD, she needs to wash or seek medical attention. If he is just squicked out by pussy as a whole then it's a different ballgame (as it were.)
Eating pussy is nature not nurture. In high school, before I even knew what pussy was, I ate three tuna fish sandwiches every day for four years.
Jesus, people, the only vaginas that smell like fish (dead fish? seriously?) are ones with infections! A healthy vagina smells delicious. (At least if you find women attractive in the first place.)
THANK you!
He's following the ancient Roman moral code, in which males and penetrating are superior to females and being-penetrated, so for a male to have his mouth figuratively penetrated by a woman's genitals is the most debasing thing he can do.

He should strongly consider time travel as a life choice.