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On a related-ish note. I see that "natural" peanut butter, containing only two ingredients, peanuts and salt, also has a note that it's supposed to be refrigerated.

Refrigerated? What for? I don't refrigerate peanuts. I don't refrigerate salt. Why the fuck would I need to refrigerate salted peanuts?
Dogsbutter is what the vet squeezes out of your dog's anal gland so he doesn't drag his ass across your living room.
I don't like peanut butter so HA HA!!!
@1, it makes it less likely to separate, and for people who rarely dip into it refrigeration extends its tasty life.

I see "Archer Farms" listed - a perusal of the downtown Target taught me that's their house brand. Target gives their Archer Farms steaks an injection of a patented beef broth mixture. Bleaugh.

The only reason I can think of to refrigerate peanut butter would be to keep the peanut oil from separating out, something it's wont to do, particularly in organic brands that don't contain stabilizers.

If you can get milk from a dog, then obviously you can make dogsbutter...
Peanut Butter is for losers. I've moved on to Cookie Butter!
Dogsbutter: For when you need to butter your dog's butt?

Worst "Last Tango in Paris" remake *ever*.
@6, I just had cookie butter for the first time last Saturday. Delicious!

Anyone who lives in Washington State and buys peanut butter that isn't Adams is a traitor or a Californian or both!
Supreme: Smuckers bought Adams many years ago.
I've been eating Trader Joe's crunchy peanut butter for over a month. So far I'm lucky until they expand the expanded recall to include my wonderful crunchy.

@1 like the others have said it has something to do with keeping the peanut oils from separating. I've found that most of the time refrigerated peanut butter to be still good and moist as long as the container is full. If there is a tiny amount still at the bottom and it's been in the fridge for like a month that stuff goes dry.
Trader Joe's ... wow. So close to home.

Nuts, peanuts, and any kind of non-hydrogenized vegetable oil will go rancid if left out too long. Jif and Skippy (and other crap peanut butters) don't need to be refrigerated because they're at least partially hydrogenated and won't go rancid.
So the unsalted peanut butter from Trader Joe's is fine? That's weird to me that only the salted peanut butter would be tainted.
I think refrigerator manufacturers pay food manufacturers to put "MUST REFRIGERATE" on food labels in order to get people to buy bigger and more expensive refrigerators.
Maranatha organic. Duh.
Trader Joes huh, must be small batch artisan salmonella.