Evidence of Voter Fraud Finally Surfaces in Florida


I find it not at all surprising that the party that plays up voter fraud as a reason to exclude minority voters is the one actually committing the voter fraud they rail against...maybe i'm just a cynic.
It's always about projection with that lot.
"we do it so they must be doing it too! "
Well, if you're going to accept this as voter fraud, then you'd have to admit that ACORN was committing voter fraud on a massive scale. Of course, this isn't voter fraud, this is registration fraud. Not good, but it's not going to affect the outcome of any elections unless the person follows through with getting people to go vote under the fraudulently registered names. That's when it becomes voter fraud (and that's why what ACORN was doing wasn't voter fraud).
Of course, if he was shredding Democratic registration forms, that's fucked up, and I something I don't remember ACORN ever being accused of.
Am I the only one thinking that maybe they've thought this through?

Doesn't it make sense that they might want to manufacture some evidence of voter fraud that they can point to when they're trying to get away with their voter ID legislation?

I'm just asking questions here.
The record of Sproul includes taking registration forms from people of the opposing political persuasion and, rather than submitting them, shredding them - in effect, fraudulently preventing those people from registering to vote.

On the other hand, ACORN collected registration forms and handed them all over to the authorities, as they were required to by law, even those they recognized were likely to be inaccurate. They made some attempt to highlight those forms, for the convenience of the authorities, but - and here's the crucial bit - they didn't get to choose which forms they felt were worthy of submission. Because once you can do that, you can also shred all the forms of short people, or tall people, or Black people. Or Democrats, like Sproul did.

In the particular case Paul Constant has highlighted here, it is quite likely that Sproul simply hired some lazy workers who'd rather fill the forms in themselves and fraudulently than they would actually seek potential registrants; it's easier, and more certain. This was a problem ACORN also suffered from, though as I said above ACORN sought at least to point out these problems to the authorities when they, as required by law, submitted the apparently fraudulent forms, an effort Sproul did not make. But don't you dare suggest a moral equivalence between an honest community-service organization like ACORN and lying scum like Sproul.
To any clear-thinking person, the Republican Party has not one shred of integrity or decency left. Not. One.

But the real question is: how long do the rest of us have to suffer before they realize how obsolete and awful they are? When all the currently-old white guys die?? Do you think that will (finally) do it?
This was also posted a few days ago (Thanks Roger Ebert):


Colorado girl at a Safeway trying to register voters after asking who they were voting for and then admitting they were trying to register Romney supporters.
Republican's version of ACORN. Wonder how Fox will spin this? Oh, that's right, they just won't report it.
Not surprised.
Apparently no one over in Strangerland has ever heard of Diebold.
make a BFD about reducing the deficit, then run up the deficit.

make a BFD about voter fraud, then commit voter fraud.

@11: Diebold renamed itself, then sold itself (twice). They machines are still vulnerable to hacking, however.
@8 - Seems like a crappy thing to do, but is it illegal? I'm asking.
How about a real example of VOTER fraud as opposed to fraudulent registration?

Here it is - and it was not only a Democrat - but an NAACP official. Surprise!

"A Mississippi NAACP executive is in jail after being convicted of voter fraud for fraudulently casting absentee ballots, including for four dead people.

Lessadolla Sowers, who is a member of the Tunica County NAACP Executive Committee, was convicted and sentenced in April for what a judge said were crimes that cut “against the fabric of our free society.”
@14 - it is indeed illegal to selectively register voters based on their political party, or any other identity category. Of course, you can target areas where you expect to run into more people of one party or the other, but if you are registering people to vote you must offer to register all people you talk to regardless the person's answer to which party they are with. In fact, asking what party they are with before registering them is dubious, questionable, and often in violation of legal regulations surrounding voter registration, as there is such a fine line with intimidation and discrimination tactics.

I'm not sure if this is always the case, but for many organizations doing voter registration is legally a different type of work than doing candidate support - falling into non-profit categories of either 501c-3 or 501c-4 (or sometimes political action committees), which have different tax regulations among other differences.
One more thing though - every state has different laws about this stuff, as is evidenced by all the various systems of disenfranchisement going on in our country right now. Washington has pretty great laws and procedures about it compared to other states, including being one of the few places where you can register online (www.registerinwa.org)
Paul, dude, can you get mainstream media to report on the voter fraud and suppression being committed by Republican Secretary of State Sam Reed and candidate Kim Wyman? This shit's been happening just last month in our own state. Why does Seattle Times or KOMO or King 5 not give a fuck that we were THIS close to having our voters suppressed this election, thanks to Sam Reed? And he never apologized or said it was wrong. He said he wasn't allowed to do it because of our driver's license rules. So logic tells me that Kim Wyman, his hand-picked successor, will do what he couldn't and do whatever it takes to use do the same illegal voter fraud stuff we're seeing in Florida. This is mind-blowing. I can't believe this isn't national news already.