Word of the Day: Malinformed


That's perfect.
Ohhhhh...they think that socialists end beneficial social programs. Now I understand the desperate opposition!
She forgot to mention he was born in Kenya. Duh!
Another new word for you:

I'm amazed people still say, let alone fall, for things like this. He has been president for several years and he's not the one trying to get rid of Medicare.... Wake up....
Just another valid point to use when cynics say there's no difference between the two parties: ONE of the parties doesn't need to spread lies ... merely point to the other party's well-documented flip-flops in prolific abundance. So many choices. ::ponders:: Where to start?
Is this illegal? Wrong-headed and deceitful, yes, but is it technically illegal?
Wow. How is malinformed not already a word? It'll be very useful!
@7 If lying were illegal the entire Fox News staff would be in jail. Beating them will be sweet revenge enough. VOTE!

According to the article, the caller was "talked to about the call", but they're not sure whether or not she's still making calls on behalf of the campaign. Leading me to believe it's not only not illegal, but perhaps not even worthy of termination from her position. And that's just one call that the recipient happened to have accidentally recorded. No reason to think she hasn't also been espousing the Kenya narrative and/or any other pertinent information she's privy to.
I object. Since when do we start calling completely made-up shit, "information" of any sort. Deception, propaganda, slander, sure. Information? Mis, Mal, or Bogo, we don't need another word. It's lies, slander and propaganda -- there's our perfectly good extant words for it. Let's use them.

Fox News does not practice malinformation. They practice lies, propaganda and slander. Now, isn't that clearer?
Of course Fox, News Corp, or any of its properties have never reported that Obama was anything but having the faith he professes to have. There's no need to when there's plenty of rantings of Rev. Jeremiah Wright that provide the needed context of our president's spiritual and philosophical development.
Check out the teachings of Mitt Romney's faith - the latter day saints.

Afterwards, let us know if you want to cast the first stone.
I think you're a bit confused there.
While I'm not sure that any of the Fox News presenters have ever specifically stated that Obama is a Muslim, they DO have lots of guests on their segments who DO claim such.
And they do NOT correct those guests.
So Fox News DOES provide broadcast time for people who DO claim that Obama is a Muslim.

But then that's why you come here, isn't it?
So that strangers on the internet can tell you that you're an idiot.
Because that is still better than the other options you have.
@12 Bullshit. They don't say it, they just bring on guests that say it and promote the lie.

@12 - "...the faith that he professes to have."

Yes, that's exactly the kind of double-speak Fox News uses, planting that little seed of doubt into the viewers head.

Tell me, is Romney Mormon, or does he just profess to be Mormon?

Already been done: http://m.urbandictionary.com/#define?ter…

Malinformation is fake information to make a scheme sound more believable. Often in the form of testimonials backing up Pyramid-like schemes. These scams tend to target people who suffer from chronic misinformedness.
@15: Reporting on the controversy, even with the ramblings of kooky guests, is not the same thing as reporting a falsehood. MSNBC did it to.

MediaMatters was created for the sole purpose of destroying Fox News with oodles of money from George Soros.


Sort of like SLOG supporting higher income taxes but not asset taxes because it's "for the people".
Gay Gal for Romney, how we'll miss you after the election. Promise you'll come back to visit us again, once you get another job? Or at least send a note now and then?
If they used all their superpac money better, we could have persuasive items like this instead:

Walk and Talk the Vote - West Wing Reunion - Bridget Mary McCormack

This is one of the reasons I find American politics hard to fathom. Why must it make so much difference even if he *were* a Muslim? Don't you folks have freedom of religion down there?
"MediaMatters was created for the sole purpose of destroying Fox News with oodles of money from George Soros."

When the facts don't support your position, claim conspiracy.
Nice work there.

"Reporting on the controversy, even with the ramblings of kooky guests, is not the same thing as reporting a falsehood."

I guess you are not aware that Fox News went to court to defend their right to lie during a "report".

While it is not the SAME thing as "reporting a falsehood" (which Fox has gone to court to claim the right to do) is IS the EXACT SAME THING as providing airtime to people who make such claims.

You'd have an easier time if you just went back to defending racists and bigots.
@12 Wright's sermons aren't really all that more kooky then many other mainstream sermons. He targets the evil side of America, which a lot of older black folks can directly relate to. Jim Crow is still very much a living memory for a lot of the older generation.
Surely, you're not going to say they can't air their grievances? Wheres the freedom of speech and honoring the past. Those seem like conservative positions to me.
@24 - I would never object to airing their grievances.

@20 - Hi Catalina! My last comments will be on November 7th, and then I will expire totally and forever.

But henceforth gentle breezes will ruffle your hair as my voices of reason will heal your poisoned ear.

Gay Dude for Romney really makes my skin crawl.
And when presented with the facts of Fox News going to court to defend its right to lie during broadcasts you just ignore them.

Yet you have no trouble defending racists and bigots who demand to see Obama's birth certificate.
@25 you have a odd quirk where you say something then deny saying it all within the same thread. It's super annoying becuase it makes it so I have no context to figure out what you're trying to convey.
So, do you agree that Wright's sermons aren't all that out of line, and thus him being Obama's preacher for a period has no baring? You've also argued that even though Romney is a Mormon, he's pragmatic enough to not follow their teachings 100 percent of the time. So, of you're giving Mitt a pass, it only seems reasonable to do the same for Barry. Hence, that little Wright based diatribe was a waste of space. Perhaps, you'd like to take that statement back. Heck, I won't even say you flip flopped, instead you grew as a person.
@28: I don't think anyone's faith should be a deciding factor in a choice for president. Nevertheless, when the preacher is talking about politics it takes on a different tone.

"So, do you agree that Wright's sermons aren't all that out of line, and thus him being Obama's preacher for a period has no baring?"

No, some definitely are out-of-line. Not all. But some are.

Politics in the church is the issue. Not the religion itself.

"Malinformado" is a word en espaƱol.
@29 if that's the case, why all the references to Obama's faith? Why even bring up Wright?
I agree that religion and politics are separate, I just hope you can follow that thought and leave Wright behind when decussing Obama.
@22 We do have freedom of religion. However, as in the rest of the world, we also have racist cultural ethnocentrism. We feel comfortable with the European-rooted whites and Hispanics, but not the Middle Eastern Arabs - especially if they're Muslim. Maybe in the future...

@21 That is way, way too clever and long - and expensive! - for its own good. But if she wants to spend the money, go ahead. It just screams "overachiever!"
@7 Never having studied law, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that deliberately lying to voters in order to get their votes is considered protected free speech. Look at our own state of Washington, where the Supreme Court decided explicitly that politicians could lie - flat-out lie - to voters. I guess mendacity is too useful and popular a tool for too many folks in power for the Supreme Court to throw it out. Apparently concerns for a healthy democracy take a back seat to political job security.
Disinformation is the word you are all looking for.
"I don't think anyone's faith should be a deciding factor in a choice for president."

Well that's good. But since no one outside of Fox News is suggesting otherwise is there a reason that you're bringing it up?
Well, other than the fact that Fox News (which you are now defending) has gone to court to protect their right to lie on their broadcasts.
But you still bring up Obama's choice of church.
So you claim that the religion is not important except in Obama's case where it is important.

And this is the more attractive option for how you spend your time.
You're an idiot.
GDfR your wandering off into territory in which you will ultimately lose. The Liberation Theology of Rev. Wright is 180 degrees different then the Prosperity Theology of Oral Roberts or in a more modern incarnation Joel Osteen.

I doubt you have any understanding of either. But it matters not.

I'll go so far as to grant that Obama is a Muslim. Why fucking care? Muslims can be just as peaceful as Christians, and Christians just as brutal as Muslims.

If you don't get that most basic of points your drooling.
Romney and Obama are both liars and cheats. Neither of them give a damn about your civil liberties and they will both completely bankrupt our country. We cannot continue down this 2 party path any longer. Take off your blindfolds, shut off your tv, step out of your blue and red boxes. Americans don't need big daddy government telling them what they can and can not do. It's bad for me it's bad for you it's bad for business. If you want jobs or freedoms get the government out of the way. Stop taking from future generations to pay for big government. Gary Johnson is the best hope for fixing this mess and he has the track record to prove it. But you won't hear about him on fox or any other big media station because the system is rigged.
does dan savage get royalties from creating and promoting 'new' words? santorum was brilliant, but this one's a dud. malinformed? how about we just say 'lied to'? like, fox news lied to its audience?
@20- I'm sure Seattle Blues will reappear.
Did you not look up the word before posting this post? It's already a word. It's been used on multiple occasions.

@25 Yes, because there's no-one more reasonable than a guy supporting someone who openly hates them and doesn't consider them a human being.
@40 TJ -- In my defense (I'm the slog tipper who didn't google first), it isn't a word with a definition, in the dictionary, as your link proves. It is still a made up word -- and it needs to be in OED, yeah? Perhaps this is a 100th monkey situation -- get enough mass behind the idea, and it spontaneously generates elsewhere.
I have done phone banking for the Democrats in the past, and presently am doing so for Mainers United for Marriage - the group trying to overturn 2009's anti-gay marriage vote. There's a reason it's called "phone banking" - there are banks of phones, and multiple people, in one, or maybe at most, two, not-all-that-large rooms. You definitely hear what your fellow volunteers are saying, for example in between calls, and/or while the number you're calling is ringing, and/or just after you hang up, or when you go to take a piss break, but even during the call, it's sometimes hard to block out the other people in the room who are talking.

Therefore it's highly unlikely this girl's fellow volunteers didn't hear what she was saying. Also, I have to say it's doubtful she 'went rogue' or that she hadn't already said this a number of times that night, or that week. Political phone bankers almost always have a script dictated to them (an oftentimes very lame one), and wavering from same is generally discouraged.

There is a reason why "malinformed" isn't in the lexicon. We already have a word for when people maliciously misinform people. It's "LYING."
There is no lie too ridiculous, no conspiracy too far fetched and no amount of propaganda that is patently false for these people. This is what is wrong with the Republican Party - the are so bankrupt of ideas that they have to invent an alternate reality of who Obama is and what he's done. It is going to be such a please to watch Romney/Ryan lose this fall.
Nice idea, but it won't last. Most people will hear it and assume it means the same thing as "misinformed" so they'll use it as if that's what it means, and others who do know what it properly means will throw it around carelessly against things that don't deserve its venom. So between those factors, it'll quickly become a useless word that can't be used because it means too many different things to different people.
Nope, "malinformation" sounds too much like a euphemism, not different enough from "misinformation" The word LYING is a lot less ambiguous.
The fact that the Floridian Republican volunteer got caught telling lies to senior citizen voters is disgusting but par for the course for Republicans. This is one of the reasons that I'll be celebrating when they lose.

They deserve to be relegated to the status of the Whigs. Nasty people.
I just keep reading Nate Silver's stats, and smiling another day. Cause guess what? 4 more years baby.