McKenna Love Letter of the Day


no mas, por fa-fucking-vor.
OK, maybe I'm slow, but this has got to be a joke, right?
Still doing this, huh guys? Fuck it, I'm out.
I for one find all of this hilarious, including the increasingly outraged comments inter-sprinkled with total whooshes, and hope it keeps up all day.
At least we got a new SLOTTD out of this Stranger mindfucked day.
Hello? This our Declaration of Independence Day. We can say whatever we want day. We don't need mom and pop providing their invented guidance. What do you want to talk about? How about the Brevik trial in Norway?
What the goddamn. Ok guys, I give up - I'll check back tomorrow when this is (hopefully) over.
Yeah. I'm with you on that. Ciao all!
I disagree *slightly* with the last one, the fuckbuddy one.

I think it's acceptable for the guy to ask his fuckgirlfriend to not do anything with his friends. The fuckgirlfriend can say she's going to anyway, or ignore him, but he can at least ask her. And tell her if she does do his friends, he's done with her.

It's just communication. Ask her and go from there.
Rob McKenna - Governor?
Rob McKenna - Sex Columnist?

I'll go with Sex Columnist, he'll ruin less lives.

But seriously, stop it. Is everyone on "The Stranger" doing shots today?

October 4, not April 1.
I realize the phrase "jump the shark" has jumped the shark, but you guys have really jumped the shark.
Whoa! I haven't been checking in regularly because of the hiatus, but this is kind of wild...glad I took a look!
Oral sex is pretty damn mainstream, dude
@ 4, it was starting to get old, but I agree, all the confused anger from the regulars keeps giving it life.
@4: Total agreement. I think the repeated angry comments are awesome (is someone forcing you to read?), the way-too-late whooshes are really showing who the true dumbasses are (I will admit I was clueless for the first two posts for about ten minutes), and the demands commenters are making for it to stop are hilariously impotent.

Still looking forward to what everyone had to say about the debate though. This was probably the "we're all a bit hungover from the debate party" plan.
Saying the phrase "jump the shark" has jumped the shark has motherfucking jumped the shark....
It is a joke, says the Seattle Times.
I've got to hand it to you guys--you're going with it, despite the fact that not one SLOG visitor is the least bit amused.

Even a foolish tenacity is worth of some respect.
Correction, @18 is a joke, as is the Suburban Times.

You do know ST is a parody, right?
@19 I am very fucking amused.....
err... first i was gonna comment seriously, but then it seemed like everyone was into shark-fucking jokes, but then i thought there was another joke that i was missing...

so i'm just going to write "fuck" "santorum" and "toe licking" a lot.


santorum toe licking

toe licking fuck

fuck toe licking

fuck fuck fuck

I'm having a hard time understanding why anyone would NOT want to read the thoughts of the other side. Know your enemy.
@18 and your point?

The Stanger's staff is having a bit of fun both with Rob McKenna and it's readers. Good for them.
This totally reminds me of a Neil Hamburger stand-up routine. Especially the part where the audience gets increasingly irritated.
@16 I was also fooled by the first couple posts. I honestly thought it'd be really ballsy of the guy to want to interact with people who clearly don't like him. That said, I still feel like an idiot having wasted brain cells. Sadly, each post is getting less funny as the day progresses. Oh well, here's hoping Eyeman gets to do a guest appearance.
@19: Who has two thumbs and IS amused? This guy! (I am pointing my thumbs towards my own chest). So, at least one visitor is amused. You may carry on with whatever it is you do all day now.
I am also amused...especially by whistle-blower GDforR.
@19: count me as another regular who is highly amused. I find it hysterical.
It was funny. It went on and stopped being funny. It went on longer and now it's funny again!

Sing along with me, People: "Kristin Schall is a horse!"…
@28 that has been the best part.
Rob My-Koch-enna,
Here's a question you can ask Dan Savage: "I haven't had sex in 10 years. My wife seems to think that it is a problem. But my robot friends assure me that once adequate number of offspring have been born, sex is no longer necessary. I am confused. Is sex a prerequisite to become a Governor? No one ever said it was. But then, I think that maybe I can win over more women votes if I started having sex again. Advice much appreciated, before November."
@28 and @31. I know, right?

I really think "square," as a slang term, needs to come back into common usage. There's just no other word that means quite what "square" means.