The Mayor of Tonasket, WA Goes on Anti-"Libtard" Twitter Rant, Threatens to Eat Big Bird


What a fucktard. The liar deserves to live in Tonasket.
Hahaha there are like four buildings in Tonasket. I'm not sure I even blame him for having an incredibly stupid worldview when his entire world is so small and sad.
Someone hacked into my Slog account and left this comment.
There's a Tonasket, Washington? With a mayor and everything? Huh.

I'm sure glad we libtards subsidized a bunch of roads, telephone lines, etc to where ever the fuck you are. And I'm sure glad those PBS watching intellectuals invented that internet and twitter for you to fail at.

It's like when a child rejects your attempts to be their friend. You don't really care, but it still hurts a little.
Who the fuck is Tonasket?
He didn't delete either, he protected the account and deleted followers. What a nut!
It is staggering just how awful people are. What a miserable, heartless, vision-less, self-centered bastard.
In the time it took him to write those tweets the pentagon just wasted 5.678 times the amount our government has given to PBS over the last 10 years on having technology dating back to the time where PBS was started. When you go to lookup the definition of a tool it's totally this guy. If you want the government out of PBS for personal reasons I wish you the best of luck with your point of view that I will disagree with until I'm blue in the face. If you're legitimately calling for PBS's budget to be slashed because you legitimately think it's going to help reduce the deficit there's no hope for you and you're obviously never going to read these words because you're too busy being a giant tool.
Yeah, where the hell is Tonasket? Ah, that must be one of those wholesome, peaceful, heartland-America small towns. What a pleasure it must be to live there with people like Patrick Plumb. I can't wait to drop everything and move my professional career to Tonasket, so that I can add to its community.
The inscription on his headstone reads, Chief Joseph Tonasket 1822-1891, "He proved himself a strong and able leader, and although his was not an inherited Chieftain-Chief, he was officially recognized as Chief of the Okanogan Indians in about the year 1858. His whole life was a series of accomplishments for his people."…
..that's who
I live in Tonasket, Washington. It is a wonderful community in which all shades of the political spectrum call home. As is true in most rural towns in the West, "town" is just the center of the community, not its boundaries. Both physically and philosophically we are a diverse community. Two documentary movies have been made about our robust alternative community, while at the same time we have a strong dose of tea-party sentiment, and everything in-between. I find it grievous that too often the views and comments of someone like our soon-to-be one-term mayor are used as a straw man to attack rural society in general.

Having said all that, I find Patrick's statement that he was hacked disingenuous. He has a history of sticking his foot in his mouth and needing to apologize afterwards. As a public figure, (albeit on a very small stage) Patrick needs to understand that being a smart-aleck is not a good think. I don't mind that he thinks PBS (and of course my beloved NPR) should be de-funded; we no longer live in an era where public access to the arts are as hard to come by as they were a generation or two ago. I think CPB could do fine if it it was to be given a revised charter and set free like the American Red Cross. It would attract plenty of philanthropic capital, and perhaps do even better than it does now.
"November 6th? Hopefully we can stop subsidizing something that can stand on its own?"

Well, that certainly wouldn't be Tonasket, now would it? The entirety of central and eastern Washington is a government subsidized enterprise - from cheap power and irrigation, to ag and transportation subsidies.

And that's a good thing. Before Grand Coulee, for instance, farming was all built impossible. It was basically desert in large parts, but the water provided for irrigation changed all that, and made for a productive region, and a much higher standard of living for the citizens there.

I will never understand the I've-got-mine-and-I'm-a-victim mentality that drives the conservative psyche.
PBS was created because educational programming was NOT being provided by the free market. and it still isn't. would it be if PBS did not exist? let's examine the programming being provided on The Learning Channel. now let's look at Nickelodeon. now let's look at Disney.

we're a rich country, regressives. we can afford Big Bird. what we can't afford is for you to continue being scared of your own shadow and insisting on a military 10x too large.
@4) For The Win!
Tonasket, WA is home of the Okanogan Family Faire (aka 'Barter Faire', a huge, fun event happening next weekend). Plenty of 'libtard' hippies around the whole Tonasket Metropolitan Area. There used to be a surprisingly great natural foods co-op there too until the PBS-haters drove it out of town.
If those socialist leeches in Tonasket are going to keep piping up like this, they really need to start carrying their own weight. I'm really sick of them sponging off my Obama-voting tax revenue.
He is the suckputter in chief.
Another profile in conservative courage. Way to make the whole town look bad, dumbass.
Way to take personal responsibility, Patrick.
I like how he says that $300 million could feed a lot of poor kids. It's clearly something he feels deeply.

And here I thought Romney wanted to fire Big Bird to close the deficit. You know, so we don't have to borrow money from China.

It scares me that this moron apparently has kids.
@21 That's why Mitt is for expanding food stamps and helping the poor, right?
Hey, Patrick! On the up side, turns out people were actually following you on Twitter. So, yeah, ya got that.
"$300 million would feed a lot of poor kids"

Yeah but, Romney is going to cut those programs too. I love the hipocracy of repub-tards always equating the "waste" to how many poor kids it would feed, yet they consistently oppose programs that help poor kids.

It would be more honest if he had said "$300 million would buy maybe one unmanned drone"
Props for 21 & 23 beating me to it....
Per the State Auditor's Office Local Government Finance Reporting System Tonasket's total revenues for 2011 were around $16.8mil. Its expenditures? $21.5mil.

So... yeah. I didn't break out into BARS lines to figure how much is dedicated money but I'm guessing that they took more than $4.7mil in blue county funded welfare.

But Big Bird is totally the problem.
@27 And $4.7 million could feed a lot of poor Washington kids, amirite?
It's time for Patrick Plumb to explain his city's failed policies and the need for this bailout.
@12: Amen.

Plus, probably time to eliminate all those tax breaks for Exxon/Mobil, eh Mayor?
God, I wish I went further with my geography studies. I'd like to put together a map with all the probable public television stations that'd go out of business w/o fed funding. I didn't know I'd like to use ArcGIS for personal reasons after graduation.
About ten years ago, I was driving south out of Canada and decided to stop in Tonasket - which reminded me very much of a wasteland.
To #31: GIS is FUN!!!
Thank you for giving credibility to my prejudices, Mayor Plumb.

The "PBS haters" did NOT drive the co-op out of town. The Okanogan River Co-op is very much a lively and great natural and local foods store/community center, now with a terrific home-foods cafe. Maybe you should stop by, sometime, perhaps on your way to the Barter Faire, eh?
You know something, if someone here would post when the next mayoral election was to take place in Tonasket, along with the name of whoever will be running against Plumb, we could all send that candidate $5. Given that Tonasket is such a tiny place, it seems likely that our aggregate donations could throw the election to his opponent.

Perhaps we could form the SLOG SuperPac in this way.
"I will never understand the I've-got-mine-and-I'm-a-victim mentality that drives the conservative psyche."

You don't understand because the mentality is first and foremost "fuck you, I've got mine".
@35 - Best idea ever! Get rid of the ignorant slog! I'd send in $5 to his opponent. I'll bet someone dressed as Big Bird could kick his tail feathers in the next election...
The anti-Tonasket sentiment here for a place most have never lived is delicious evidence of "libtardation".
That "The Stranger" even exist is a salute to perversions available in Seattle. The Stranger feeds off Seattle like a parasite.
Liberals use 'expletives' to make a point in place of substance.
'Capitalizing' on Twitter posts made by Mayor Plumb's hacked twitter account is the closest thing 'you people' will ever do approaching America's free market principles.
The collective concern shown here for the poor and hungry children reads like crocodile tears.
If you really cared for the poor and hungry you'd immediatly adopt a conservative stance, vote for Romney and disavow any past connection whatsoever with the Left.
America has always had a safety net.
The Left seeks to outlaw achievement and success and create the Mother of All hammocks with a drink and umbrella.
Left is willing to do to America what America's enemies can only dream about.
The time for honoring yourselves will soon be at an end.
Tonasket, Wa is a wonderful community who come together to help each other in need, when there is a need. Blessed with the four seasons and rich with wildlife and an abundance of year round outdoor activities. Please don't have such small minds that you would take the comments of one community member and form a negative oppinion over the whole community. That does not make you look any better than he.
Hey I know Patrick personally he is not as bad as all you portray him to be. If you want to look at a waste of expense look no further than North Valley Hospital. 1.3 million in debt to Okanagan county 550,000 in payables a month for a 25 bed Hospital that has an average census of 6. Come on now the real waste is the Commissioners and Administrative Staff at NVH. When you vote look at there record the 7 years zero income negative cash flow and in the red every single month.
Everyone take notice:::: Patrick is not what you all call him if you want to look at deficient spending and being in the red look no further then the NVH 1.3 million + in debt to Okanagan County 570,000 in Accounts Payable come on Tonasket it is a 25 bed hospital with an average census of 6-8 patients and you allow the Board of Commissioners and the CEO to spend spend spend. You have spent more the Mid-Valley, Republic combined.

So back off Mr. Plumb he is not as bad as what you have across the street from City Hall
complacency and ineptness is common at NVH. Clean It up and your city maybe better Plumb trys but you cannot get blood out of a turnip. Look at NVH.