Republican Fears of Voter Fraud Turned Out to Be Vindicated, Because a Republican Was Just Arrested for Voter Fraud


In their defense, checking Colin Small's ID, is certainly aiding in his prosecution and, had it been done earlier, may have dissuaded him from this illegal act.
Paul, you incorrectly label this voter fraud. Voter fraud is when someone illegally casts a ballot. This is very rare.

This is voter *registration* fraud and is somewhat more common.
Ah, the old 'Stop me before I kill/commit fraud again!" ploy.
How can taking away other people's right to vote be un-American? Haven't we been doing that since the country was founded?
@2: +1. Still shitty, but not voter fraud. And way worse than voter registration fraud.
I think if your party gets caught doing this kind of bullshit, the opposing party should automatically have their vote count multiplied by 1.5.

So this dude is a Republican?
@2 - When the Republicans complain about voter fraud, they often cite ACORN and other groups. The few specific instances they cite are also voter registration fraud. But that's not how they label it. They label it "voter fraud." So Paul is just using the terms the GOP uses.

@7 - he was a supervisor for a firm that regularly contracts with the Republican Party, and in this case was contracted with the GOP in VA.
Not every one of the scumbags doing this are as dumb as this one. Most of them have shredders.

As much as I love the idea of volunteers going out to register new voters, this is the downside. Any dipshit with a clipboard can go out and defraud people of their right to vote.

The very best type of volunteer-run registration program would be to give or to help people fill out the registration forms, then give them a stamp and an envelope and point them to the mailbox.
I wonder if he just threw out forms from black people and Latinos. Virginia doesn't register by party.
If a political party is caught doing things like this, that party should be banned from operating in that state.

If a party falsly accuses someone else of doing it, they should also be barred from the state.

Either you play fair, or you don't get to play at all. Period.
And what does the Republican Party of Virginia have to say about this?
It's part of the long game to get Democrats on board with voter ID legislation. FYI.
The real voter fraud is likely to come from those easy-to-spoof voting machines.
Voter fraud is voter fraud is voter registration fraud OR in-person voter fraud OR any other kind of fraud that results in people not voting who should or people voting who shouldn't. Obviously, the best way to cut down on voter fraud is to not let Republicans participate in the voting process.