Required Viewing: Maddow on Romney's LIES About His Position on Abortion


Teacher Savage,

I realize it's required, but I only have so much time before I go to bed. Is it ok if I watch Mudede's short film recommendation instead? I'm sure you have. Any good? I promise promise promise that I'll watch your clip over the weekend. And I'll write up a report. And I'll bring you an apple Monday morning. So much video, so little time. It's hard to give a shit about anything online these days.

Teacher's Pet
@1 always take savage over mudede, silly human.
I'm glad you posted this Dan. I shared Rachel's puzzlement, but no -- this is indeed not just policy missteps and babble from Romney, but unfortunately far more sinister and calculating.
On an earlier comment thread I argued that Mittens had certainly tailored his message to his audience when talking about abortion, but hadn't actually lied. It would seem I was wrong. In other news, Maggie Gallagher has acknowledged that marriage equality is good for the mental health of LGBTQ people and even stops gay kids from killing themselves. However, she still thinks gay marriage movement must be stopped because the fate of western civilization hangs in the balance.
The section you cite, which is excellent, spends far time on contraception coverage than on abortion. It starts at about 9:30 and continues for roughly fifteen minutes.
Love Rachel Maddow. I just wish she would report on the hypocrisy of extreme right-wing Tea Party conservatives Rob McKenna, Kim Wyman, Reagan Dunn, John Koster, and James Watkins. These guys are no different from Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, lying about their positions women's reproductive rights and voting rights, assuring us we don't need to worry about "social issues." We are one heartbeat away from having our green and proudly progressive state turned to utter shit by these Republicans. Please, Dan, get Rachel Maddow to this!
Love Rachel Maddow. I just wish she would shut up and let her guests talk.
'view' the clip on mute while you listen to GaGa.
The Troll admires Rachel ardently.
NO ONE does the Smug Shit-Eating Face like our girl.....
So Danny,

how did YOU like Mitt's performance in NY?

all dressed up like a dandy,

(despite his joke you know White Tie REALLY is Mitt...)

slicing Obama up- piece by bloody piece,

(Mitt can manage a pretty smug mug himself, no?)

the girls on MSNBC counted EIGHT cuts

(but who's counting?)

praising Obama's family.
reminding the Cardinal HE'S for the unborn, too....

(the applause at that line was deafening)

Mitt was really in his element.

Mitt can tell it's coming.

Can you?

Really Danny-

Speaking of candidates' LIES about their position....

Don't you feel really dirty after the way Obama has used you?
(like a 14 year old runaway who just got kicked out of the back of the car in some alley by a chickenhawk? without the $15 he was promised?...)

Cynically stringing the Gentle People along for four years.

Taking your money.


(psssst......sure KNOW I really support Gay "Marriage"'s just those damn hands are tied....a SUPERMAJORITY in BOTH houses of Congress just isn't what it used to patient....oh, and please send more cash....)

How much time has Obama spent campaigning for Gay "Marriage" in the states voting on it next month?

(you know Danny,
don't you,
in your heart of hearts,
Lucy NEVER actually was going to let Charlie Brown kick that damn football.
you know.
don't you....)

When you cum on Slog shilling for Barack,
do you feel like some battered wife,
caking on makeup to cover the bruises,
sitting at the kitchen table,
"your Daddy is a good man, children.....

(he has a charming smile.
No doubt.
but deep down he's just like his old man.)


Just tell us, Danny.
Are you REALLY that credulous?
Or do you just enjoy the pain.


face it, Danny........

Tell the truth, Danny.

Part of you HAS to secretly gloat that Barack is getting his.

After the shitty way he has treated The Gentle People.

Did you see Barack's face in NY?

He could smile.

Damn. He's good.

Despite it all he kept that stiff smile on his face.

But you can see it in his eyes.

He knows.

It's slipping away.

It will be the biggest comeback in American political history.

You know,
a few weeks ago the girls on MSNBC
were hectoring Mitt to get out of the race.
It was OVER!
Bring Obama his Crown now and let's get this Party STARTED!

Obama was partying it up on the eve of the First Debate.
"oh frick.....they want me to study!...yuk yuk yuk"



We thought we saw a light descend out of Heaven and settle on Mitt during the First Debate. Did you see it? Maybe it was just a reflection on the TV screen....

In the weeks since Obama has kept that tight lipped smile on.

Damn. He's good.

But you can see it in his eyes.

He knows.

Do you?
btw Danny.

23 minutes of Maddow?

on Friday night?

Required Viewing?

we know the FanBoys and FagHags
are Eager to Please and Credulous
but that really is an AssHole move.

it Reeks of Desperation.

Listen to The Troll.
Fuck this assignment.
It's The Weekend....
Seriously, though Danny-

a question on behalf of
the Credulous and Eager to Please
FanBoys and FagHags:

Should they spend the next two weeks
phone banking for Gay "Marriage" in Washington State?

Cause Mitt has vowed
to amend the US Constitution
to define marriage as "man-woman".

Doesn't it seem a little pointless?
Cruel, even?

"Eat Drink and Be Married! (for tomorrow we annul...)"
[feel free to use that in a podcast, btw]

what do you think, Danny?
should the kids play this weekend?
or phone bank?

I don't think of Romney so much as a liar anymore.

He probably doesn't think he's lying.

What he does is say whatever it is he thinks his current audience wants to hear.

He'll say ANYTHING to get elected. Which is even more disturbing than simple deception, it shows some pretty disturbing mental/ethical issues.

Agreed. Like I said about this earlier, Romney has the problem that his Republican base is way, way further right than the people who actually decide the elections.

So in order to satisfy his base he has to basically out-Santorum Santorum and in order to win the election he has to get a lot more moderate, I'd say around Nixon levels of moderate would do the trick(which, btw, relative to today's politics is actually very moderate).

Until a lot of older Republicans die off, that will be the case for all future Republican candidates.
Seven posts by the troll between 3;45 and 5am.....what a lonely life that poor soul must lead. The Internet really is a blessing for some people, I suppose.
Even the Salt Lake City Tribune is onto him.
Tribune Endorsement: Too Many Mitts.…
I hate to disagree with the great Maddow and Savage, but let's not pretend we can tell the difference between on lie and another. Mitt says different things to different crowds to appease them, and one isn't necessarily more true than another. He was actually a fairly moderate governor, so on social issues and it doesn't seem too likely that he'll veer too far from that; since his words have been so far on both sides that they don't provide any real meaning, his previous gubernatorial record is the stronger indicator.

The issue that one should have is that he'll change any stance for a vote, with little regard for its extremeness, but don't assume you know what his real plans are.
@8-14: A sad & lonely internet loser says what?
@17 Acknowledging the unregistered is so unbecoming. Just move along.
"proudly progressive state"

Huh? How come 65% of the state voted against an income tax then?
If Washington is so progressive how come it's the democrat jay Inslee who made the 'no new taxes' pledge last week?
counting shows you care.....*sigh!*

says our turds are better than you.
Romney has no problem with women having access to birth control, he just thinks that their employers should not be required to pay for it.

A simple case of a Republican who can't do the math. Certainly the cost of providing contraception or abortion is less than the cost of carrying a pregnancy to term, intended or unintended. If I were a business owner, dependent on a compliant and marginally paid (i.e. female) work force, I would prefer my employees to use birth control. Who wants them to take time off to have babies, then expecting me to accommodate their child care needs?
Here's an ex-Mormon on Romney:…


Romney/Ryan: Bush/Cheney on Steroids

To know what a Romney/Ryan presidency promises, simply consider some of the dangerous ultra-hawk war criminals and unsavory individuals who are advising the ticket.

Its team of foreign policy advisers is a wall to wall cast of Bush/Cheney war criminals:

Dan Senor- former leader of the Iraq provisional authority

Cofer Black-former CIA official, vice chairman of Blackwater USA

John Bolton- former Bush/Cheney US ambassador

Eliot Cohen- Project for New American Century (PNAC), Dick Cheney aide

Walid Phares- “scholar” on “anti-terrorism”; Lebanese Christian with ties to violent Lebanese militia

Michael Hayden- Bush/Cheney CIA and NSA director

Max Boot- senior CFR fellow, PNAC

Eric Edelman- former Dick Cheney aide

The ticket’s economic advisers are led by the Paul Ryan himself, “Lyin’ Ryan” the destroyer, along with the following leftovers from Bush/Cheney:

Glenn Hubbard- Bush/Cheney council of economic advisors

Gregory Mankiw- Bush/Cheney council of economic advisors

Vin Weber- lobbyist, former Republican member of Congress (also PNAC -- sgt_doom)

Jim Talent- lobbyist connected to Jack Abramoff

Kevin Hassett- former aide to Bush/Cheney
@21- Catalina knows all about this particular troll, as do we all. He is in love with Dan Savage. An occasional comment about his sickness doesn't hurt anyone.
@27: Thanks for that!

Willard has already used the phrase "New American Century" when referring to "his" vision for the Middle East. The Project for the New American Century and the (not so) neocon movement is indeed alive and well in the Romney campaign.

The dark forces of the military-industrial complex have been supporting Republican buffoons and puppets since Reagan, who is credited with starting this whole ball rolling by "getting us out of the recession" of the ’80s using borrowed money, cutting social and cultural programs, and turning the military into a trickle-down welfare scheme. Does anyone think that radical shift to the right (cleverly rebranded as "conservatism") was really any of Reagan's doing?

And yet voters still focus only on the candidates and their golly-gee-whiz likability. GHW Bush was an exception: Not very likable, but still, the Americans elected the former head of the CIA as their president, because they saw him as the yummy backwash of Reagan.

This isn't rocket science, people. Political parties have agendas, and cooperate in varying degree with corporate/military interests. The Dems less so than the Reps. The fact that Obama is more hawk-y than we'd hoped says more about the enormous power of these forces than it does about his personal beliefs. At least Obama and his party isn't hell-bent on turning the country into Argentina.
As #25 mentions, I don't think Romney has been outright lying, although his words are somewhat deceptive. He makes an implicit semantic distinction between "women having access to contraception" (when purchased with their own money) and that contraception being covered by health insurance. While he goes out of his way not to clarify that point when he can avoid it, he and his surrogates were pretty consistent about it when pressed, at least as far as I could tell from the video. I don't agree with his position, but this one feels more like run-of-the-mill political truth-bending than a straight up lie or position reversal.
I try to take comfort in that if Romney steals this election (speaking as an Ohioan who voted in 2004, and has no greater confidence in the voting machines used today than the ones rigged then), he will disappoint the right as much, or more, than Obama has disappointed the left.

It's the smaller, congressional and senatorial races that matter.