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Wow, you're a fucking dick?
Is Kiley seriously implying that Pit Bull rescue people poisoned these puppies? Because that idiotic implication is not supported in the article. In fact it's likely that it was a Pit Bull hater that did it.
What #1 and #2 said. The article title/tagline here seem in extreme poor taste.
Wait, you're insinuating the owner poisoned the dogs, then took them to a dog show, and then to the vet so they could be diagnosed? Do you really not see the huge fucking hole in that logic??
Stop telling us the news in puppies! It's never good!
I'm guessing he was commenting on how fucked the people are who poisoned a whole group of puppies. Right?
Maybe it was some screwed up sanitation procedure, hope they don't have a food handlers permit.
What exactly are you trying to say with your headline?
@6: Really sounds to me like he's talking about the rescue people, with an assumption they're the ones who killed the dogs.
A reverse of the old Slog headline for stories about pit bulls mauling children: "Such nice dogs, and so good with children." But now it's the PEOPLE mauling the PUPPIES!

I know pit bull posts are emotion magnets, but this has already exceeded my expectations.
I knew what you meant, Brendan. Puppy haters suck.
Poor puppies! My most maladapted rescued dog is also called Yogi, which (illogically) increases my sadness at this inhumane act.
Hey, he got 13 comments out of that headline, plus a few more page views - a definite uptick over most of his recent postings.

Oh, wait. Did you people really think this was just about the poisoned puppies? In that case, could I interest you in some waterfront property on Lake Union?
The linked story makes it clear but, without context, the Slog post is a little bit vague.

But it's not as bad as the dog poisoners, who are objectively horrible people.
Puppy poisoners are monsters.
What the fuck?
I get what you were doing there.

Wow. Makes me wish just a little bit that there were a hell for the sick fucks who did that.
I am going to imagine that the water bowl was cleaned with bleach and then not rinsed properly and that it was just a horrible horrible accident, because imagining that someone did this on purpose just makes me mad.
This is the result of the type of "work" folks like Ellen Taft and Dominic Holden are so fond of. I'm guessing that their response to this would probably be something between "Can't make an omlette without breaking a few eggs" and "Good riddance. One more pitbull that won't scare the crap out of me".
Sounds more like the work of assholes inspired by Dan Savage and other pit bull obsessives here at The Stranger. Is that what you are getting at here?
People suck. When I was with FABB, advocating for pits and other dogs, I got threats all the time that Sickos were going to poison me and my dogs. What the hell is wrong with people?!?
And Yay!! That most of the pups survived!

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