Macklemore and Ryan Lewis on Ellen


Macklemore's getting all grows up now.
Very sweet.
Wonderful. Mary Lambert's voice is gorgeous.
"No other artists in hiphop history have ever taken a stand defending marriage equality they way they have."

Helps when you're a white rapper from Seattle, and from an upper class background. No constituency to offend.
Macklemore is great. I saw a little dude dressed like Macklemore from "Thrift Shop" scurrying up and down Broadway on Sunday with his parents.
Someone else said it before, but this song sounds like it was written by a committee.
I don't understand why when someone gets their due respect and success, people have to find the negativity in it and cut them down. Please step outside of your own sad heart and praise the voice for change, from wherever it originates. If this song inspires, who cares who sings it, how rich they were growing up, who wrote the original song. The content is important, the delivery is beautiful, just accept and appreciate what is... It's wonderful to have something so inspiring and positive born from artists of Seattle.
This performance brings tears to my eyes. I love this song and I love that Ellen loved it enough to bring them on her show and I hope they become wildly successful!
Great song, great performance. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have entered the big leagues. Congrats to them, they earned it. And their success will surely spur more recognition of other Seattle artists. Everyone wins.

It's pretty awesome to watch their success unfold. Keep at it!
@4: Murs had the courage to make a similar statement.

Maybe Ellen hadn't heard about that. Heck, and I learned of Murs' video on Carson Daley's show.
We are very proud that Mary Lambert is a Cornish alum!