Approve R-74 Victory Celebration at Cupcake Royale


LOOKIT THOSE FACES!!!! The happiness rays are just BEAMING right out of that picture!

Oh my stars'n'garters, this has just been the best. week. EVAR!!

and i am still crying tears of joy
Neatest and sweetest! (and photo by Kelly O)
Shit, Kelly! How do I add a credit?
Almost enough to make a straight guy cry.
of course mckenna conceded oh, about 15 minutes ago. you actually need a "slog tipper" for that?
I'm so happy for you and all the GLBT couples and families in the state! Woooohooooo!
I just watched the video at the link. Nice atmosphere, and also, congratulations to Dan for using "literally" properly.
Yay! I had rainbow cake. ^_^ And I talked to Dan for the first time eva (even though I see him often, I'm a chicken)! Today was a total win.
shit. i missed it.. and i LOVE cake.. shit..
I literally love this!
What a great picture, Kelly O!
that picture has made my year. Such love and joy and happiness!
This picture says it all about an incredible week! My wife and I are long-time allies in Louisville, KY. Our little part of the battle over the last few months has been working on getting Ohio to go for Obama (totally did!), but of course we've also been following the four marriage ballot questions. In Derby country, we call four wins a superfecta. Congratulations, everyone! Scott
YAY!!!! Also, nothing sexier than two elated gay men, clearly in love, embracing each other.. LOVE THIS!!!
That pic is totes adorbs.

Seriously. It is.
Love it!!!
HaHAAAAAA! You will literally be pooping rainbows! Please, please find an appropriate lawn or two to decorate.
I died. There's nothing to counterbalance depression and anxiety quite like seeing shit like this. I'm happy to be able to so directly address such historical figures as yourselves. I hope the world forever recognizes the importance of what you've done for us.
Good God, Terry is fucking adorable.
Great photos, and congratulations to all Washingtonians, GLBT and straight. But CHS might want to check their maps. Looks like Terry and Dan's first cut is over near the Idaho border, well north of Spokane, not close to Bellingham. Unless Bellingham packed up and moved recently?
@23: Yeah, they're totally eating Pend Oreille County.
Made a straight old lady tear up a bit. AWWWWW!!! It's about time, congrats all you LGBTs!
I see happy, beautiful people. Congrats!
Lovely picture, and good practice cutting the cake ;)

Sooo, has Terry automatically morphed from HICBIA to HICHIA, or do we get to see a few wedding pics of you two making it legal now that it's legal?
Aaaand this is what I get by commenting without reading the linked article. Congratulations again Dan! Be glad you're a man and don't have to worry about there being something "wrong" about using the same tux twice!
Lovely cake!

And the must be a colour for EVERYONE!

Which colour is for Polygamists?
Think of the children! It's just not safe to post pictures of beautiful, yummy, sprinkle covered rainbow cakes where 6 year olds might see them.

Congratulations Washington!

(Cupcake Royale should definitely make rainbow cupcakes a regular item.)


Blue is the color for polygamists.

they are blue because there is no marriage for them.......
That is one cute photo.

Goddamit, look at that picture. Everything that's happened this week has been so goddamn positive and life affirming - multiple hugeass incredibly satisfying victories for anti-neanderthal-ism. I feel like I'm floating around in a freaking euphoria-cloud.

And now this fucking picture. THIS is what the right is afraid of? A ridiculously sweet family scene complete with smiling blonde babies on their mommas' hips and PDA between two people in love?

Did I mention PDA? Between Dan & Terry? Jesus fucking Christ.

Rock on family, this has been a good mark on Washington history. Lovely photo to show the kids.
Awwwwww. But seriously, get a pre-nup.
It's all just a little bit of history repeated.…

Equal rights expansion is a beautiful thing.
So, is Terry now just "the husband" without so many qualifiers?

Greatest congratulations, by the way, and I am extremely happy for everyone. But I felt inequality was too close to a win in my home state (MN).
Dan, the few rare pics you've posted of Terry (your husband, with NO acronyms, asterisks or quotation marks - YAY) have been sweet. But OMG his *d*a*z*z*l*i*n*g* joyful smile is exquisite. I'm thrilled that the moment was captured in a photo.
It's lovely to see so many beaming faces. I hope the cake was delicious, and I look forward to be able to eat a slice of a similar one baked in the shape of my state, California, soon. Washington, Maryland, and Maine are inspiring.

Mazel Tov to all (including my 12-year-old cousin who worked the phone banks) who worked so hard for such a good cause and won in Washington this week.
@27 and 37: As far as I can tell from the law, on Dec 6 Terry is automatically "the husband" legally, since their Canadian marriage will be legally recognized. That's not to say that they can't have a ceremony if they want to (and no doubt it will be utterly adorable!)
Sweet snap!

“Love is the voice under all silences, the hope which has no opposite in fear; the strength so strong mere force is feebleness: the truth more first than sun, more last than star...”
― E.E. Cummings
The MUSCLE on Terry's arm!!! (fanning)

The RING on Dan's finger. (fluttering heart)

The VALIDATION on those faces! (tsunami of tears)

Yes. I have to say, that on several levels, this is one of the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen.

Maggie Gallagher is somewhere weeping.
This is just heartwarming and soooo cute! I'm so glad for you two (and all of Washington, Maryland, and Maine!)!! You two look so happy; it's beautiful.
Love and cake! It couldn't be sweeter!
Honestly, that is one of the most beautiful photos I've ever seen. Love, love, love!
So beautiful!!!
I'm not sure we straight allies deserve much credit, but I'll take it. We love you Dan Savage!
@ 42. I love the validation on those faces. A friend told me the other day the validation of approving this referendum has created a complete shift in not only how he sees himself but in how he sees himself in relationship to the greater community. He now feels like an insider in US society.
Dan - Great photo. Speaking of which, I sent you an email re: an offer for photography in case you and Terry have another wedding. My work is www dot conraderb dot com. Phone is (888) Five Nine Five 3850. Just wanted you to know the email is legit. Happy to chat.