Rob McKenna Concedes


I was never convinced he was *really* pro choice.

And he was definitely anti gay marriage, anti pot legalization and pro charter schools.

Wrong side of everything, eh, Rob. Bummer.
THANK YOU Stranger staff! Your consistent exposure of him as a crappy lawyer (and when I say lawyer, I mean human being) might have cost him enough votes to have pushed it Inslee's way. You are to be commended for saying what needed to be said, when no one else would say it (excepting Essex Porter, maybe).

Now go get a job!
Oh my God, could this week get ANY better???

McKenna! Good-bye!! Good-bye dude, don't let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya!! YEEEE HAWWWW!!!

And Also:…

Yay! Celebratory drinking time!
what @2 and @4 said :)
Is McKenna really not going to concede publicly? That's really, really poor form, and says as much about him as anything else he's done during this election. He had his campaign manager handle the announcement and subsequent conversation with the press.

It also speaks to the need to have media outlets who can be trusted to report on and indeed "Call" these races when it's clear they're done. And, this race could have been called on Election night.
Sweet payback to Frank Blethen, who endorsed him way too early. Then damaged the reputations of a whole lot of newsroom staff with his freebie ad "experiment".
So he's looking for a job. Since he's such a crappy lawyer, what law firm would be dumb enough to employ him?

My guess is that he goes into ambulance chasing.
@6) Agreed, and, for what it's worth, we did call it on election night.
Dom…you're right…The Stranger IS the paper of record. I'd been trying to push the Times and King 5 and other outlets to make the call.

But, alas…congrats on being the only credible media outlet in Washington State. From now on, the Stranger should make a big deal about having a credible and organized numbers crunching team on election nights, and call the races with actual supporting numbers.

The other media outlets here are merely amplifiers for Campaign talking points. Imagine what election night would have been like if Fox News (credit where credit is due) hadn't trumped Karl Rove with actual numbers, and had the guts to actually call the race.

The Seattle Times, the AP, and all the TV stations failed us here.

@9 Don't be suprised if he goes back to Perkins Coie.
WHY does Slog link to a Seattle Times story when the Tacoma News Tribune has it as well???

Thrilled to hear the news, but very disappointed to click on a link on Slog that takes me to the states worst 'newspaper'
McKenna concedes by way of YouTube:…

Is this like breaking up over text messaging?
@13) I linked to the Seattle Times to be fair. I first heard about it--when it was a blind item--from Jim Brunner's tweet, so I linked to his article when it was up.

@14) Thank you, I'll post it.

Hallelujah! See Timothy dear, you were right. Thanks for humoring an old mannequin like me.
@15 but slog tipper timothy says you're the paper of record. i'm so confused. and can't see through the bias in brunner's reporting? it' obvious you need to stop linking to any and all times stories or else you are just as bad as them.
Another Republican who doesn't understand the demographic shift BITES THE DUST.
Ironically, McKenna is the most moderate, most sensible Republican candidate in decades. And he still can't win. Think I'm crazy? Dino Rossi '04, '08, John Carlson '00, Ellen Craswell '96, Ken Eikenberry '92 (does he even actually exist?), Bob Williams '88 (oh, come on, I KNOW he doesn't exist). John Spellman '76, '80, '84 was sensible, I guess.

What are the Repubs going to try next?
Ellen Craswell!!! The need to return to The McGuffy Reader!!!!!

I will never forget Gay Bingo, hosted by Dan Savage, dressed as Ellen Craswell. That was sixteen years and fifty pounds ago......
I was hoping his concession speech would be Gangam style
Dude! Is McKenna really conceding via youtube video? No public appearance? What a fucking no-class shitstain.
I am DELIGHTED that Inslee pulled it out. Hurrah! (I do wonder how much that nutty anti-Asian chick had to do with the final result. I don't think anyone will be hiring her for their campaigns anytime soon.)
Ha. Of COURSE he mentions "Asians for McKenna" first among the groups who supported him. (And geez, can't you even do more than one take if you mess up a word?)
I think if McKenna doesn't run for Governor in 2016, if Mark Hargrove is re-elected this cycle, he will most likely be the Republicans' Gubernatorial candidate for 2016.

What say you?
I made it through one minute of the video before I died of boredom. McKenna might be the most uninspiring public speaker I've ever seen.

Anti-Asian chick? You mean Kathlyn Ehl?

Within that first minute is that smile at about 53 seconds, so I watched more just to see when it comes up. The next is around 1:30, then 1:46, 2:15, and 2:38.

That's enough for me, as I was waiting for the part @26 mentions, including his inability to say Asian Americans in one try.
The real winner this election season: math!
seatackled: Yeah, her.

Actually, I remembered her name (sort of; I had to google to confirm the last name). I just want to keep the names of these people out there. Her and Lori Sotelo, for starters. Her being Kathlyn Ehl. Slimy behind-the-scenes dirtbags whose shameful behavior should follow them always.
He would have won if his face wasn't so God-damn punchable.
Why the fuck is McKenna's concession speech five minutes long? Seriously? Keep it short and sweet, man. You ain't the Guvnuh, dude. Maybe if he knew how to deliver a short and sweet message on Youtube, he wouldn't be delivering a concession speech. Oh, and his campaign manager Randy Peeps is one SERIOUS creepy douche bag.
I can see old, white people all over the state shaking their already shaky heads. "Chicks for Rob"? Really? REALLY? Geez!
They say the defining feature of Republicans is that they have no empathy. I think McKenna's youtube video proved that, as far as he goes, at least. He came across as cold, self-serving and about as bitter as Romney that he *should* have won but somehow didn't and that must be someone else's fault.

Yes, Inslee does look a bit of a jock, but at least he appears to have genuine warmth and humanity. He'd be in there, cuddling sad people, in a disaster. McKenna would watch it on TV in his office.
I blame his ill-advised guest blogging on Slog.
Yes, too bad the Slog may have to turn its attention on watching the Democrats muddle through another 4 years of their messes and actually report news. No, that would be too much to expect. Your reputation would be tainted if you were to try to report the truth.