Interview with a Man Who Got a Romney/Ryan Face Tattoo


My brother's a tattoo artist. He said over half of the people who come in are completely random and usually just pick some flash off the wall or something super common. No planning, nothing, totally impulsive.
Spill, Dr. Forka—what did you have your bro tattoo on you and where?

He could get an Obama/Biden one of the other side and it would like having Heaven/Hell mudflaps on a truck.
If he had put it lower he could have grown a beard. But thinking ahead isn't his strong suit.
My guess is that in a couple of weeks nobody will remember what the official Romney-campaign logo looked like but the dude will be asked for the rest of his life why he got a stripe of toothpaste tatooed on his face.

Pretty great. You know what though, he's gonna be fine. It's far enough off to the side that if he just had slightly longer hair that wasn't cut & worn like a total nimrod (take a look at the pic) I don't think he'd ever really have to answer for it.
The people he hangs out with could probably be persuaded that RR stands for Rolls Royce. If he cares enough what they think (I'm guessing he doesn't, though).
leave Gay Dude for Romney alone!
Tattoos can be removed, but certainly in his case that seems daunting.

@1: I hope your brother advises such customers as to perhaps think it over a day or two?

Nuthin'. I'm not a fan of tattoos (I've seen some great ones... they're just not my thing).

All the artists encourage people to think about it and choose carefully and tell them they're more than happy to help them design something personal... still, lots and lots just wander in and say, "I want that now! No, I don't want to think about it!"

The only thing they absolutely refuse to do on the spot is names of girlfriends/boyfriends/spouses. They said way too many of them regret it too soon. One of the guys said he used to do it and stopped when one customer broke up with his girlfriend in the shop while he was getting her name tattooed on him.

Sigh. He's 30 and has a 15 year old son. See kids, this is what happens when you outlaw birth control and sex education.
@10: Aw, c'mon. Maybe a little Sleestak in a discreet location someday.
Don't some communities do tattoo removal for free, as long as it's a gang symbol, like this one is?
Unfortuntely Paul, this picture (…) tells us that he already has some ink on the other side of his face. So you're idea to mirror the design won't work.
If I had to get a tattoo, I'd probably get my blood type tattooed over my heart.

But I'm a pragmatist.
He can always be a spokesmodel for Aquafresh.
Yeah, if only Romney had *won*, he wouldn't look like a tool.
The 30 yr. old, who mentions that his 15 yr. old son thinks his face tatt. is cool. Anyone else suspect that Hatsburg has a long list of examples of poor choices he's made?

I don't get why he thinks anybody cares about how he feels about it now. He knew damn well when he got the thing that there was a less in 50/50 chance his candidate would become president.
Folks are missing the greater issue which is that he raised $5K for a tattoo that should have cost a few hundred dollars, most? Sounds like he must have made a tidy profit off the endeavor, or if the best customer his tattoo parlor has ever had.